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WordPress is undoubtedly one of the most popular content management services, as it contains dedicated features that make website management really easy. If you own a WordPress website, you must be aware of the need for WordPress file download management. File download management and protection are essential for your WordPress site and its workability. These plugins help you keep track of the number of times your file has been downloaded, and you can also prevent unauthorized users from downloading those files.

As we all know, there are plugins to perform every task in WordPress and hence the massive popularity of custom WordPress plugin development. This article will talk about the three best WordPress file download management plugins, which stand out from the other options available. We will discuss those plugins on three general parameters, i.e., features, ease of use, and extensions & integrations. The three file download management plugins handpicked by us are:

Download Monitor: It gives you an upper hand for file organization and tracking and lets you upload and manage the media files. You can even integrate the download links into the web pages with an intuitive user interface.

WordPress Download Manager: You can perform similar functions with this plugin too, and it brings many outstanding features like preventing your files from bots and unauthorized users.

Prevent Direct Access: Along with the other functionalities, if you are particularly concerned about the security of your files, then this the plugin you should opt for.

Now we shall discuss each of them in more detail.

Download Monitor

Download Monitor is one of the most used plugins for file download management. It lets you do the entire download and upload operations from a dedicated Downloads sections on your dashboard. 

Many WordPress website designers opt for this plugin due to the availability of advanced features like email locking and Amazon S3 support. Add on features include CSV Importer, Gravity Forms Lock, Page Add-ons, etc. Overall, the Download Monitor is a great deal for those website owners who believe in keeping things simple and yet sophisticated.

If you aren’t experienced with the file download management plugins, don’t worry as the Download Monitor comes with extensive documentation to set up your plugin with ease.

WordPress Download Manager

The WP Download Manager shares a striking similarity with the Download Monitor plugin. Other than that, it features multiple security layers, including password-protected access, controlling the speed, limiting the download count, and applying Captcha to keep bots at bay. 

If you are wondering whether the plugin does some extra work too, then the answer is yes. It offers various feature related add-ons, access to payment gateways, and the upcoming themes. 

In addition to it, you also get the option to install some free and premium add-ons through the WP Download Manager plugins like Advanced tiny-Mce Button, Gutenberg Blocks, Extended short-codes, WPDM image buttons, etc.

Prevent Direct Access

The PDA plugin is quite different from the other two options mentioned in the article. Still, the added security options are the reason why many WordPress website managers opt for this plugin. 

It protects your media by not allowing direct URL access to your files and stopping search engines from indexing your files in their search results. In this way, unauthorized users cannot find your file through the direct links or just by searching the file name on the search engines.

Many custom WordPress plugin development companies are complying with the UI type of the PDA plugin for the UI part. The settings page places itself on the right side under the Media list view. All files have a file management popup that enables the website owner to control the downloads by setting a limit and expiry, permissions, and creating new links for download.

Final Verdict

WordPress website designers agree that it is not so that a file download management plugin is necessary for all your WordPress websites, as you can avail of a basic file download management system through the WordPress media library.

However, if your website deals with media downloads and uploads quite frequently, then a dedicated plugin will inevitably become necessary. Due to the increase in numbers of malicious attacks and bot users, your files are exposed to higher risk, and surviving in a highly competitive web environment requires a strong security measure. All in all, your files download management plugin works as an advanced librarian for your website, which also holds the authority to prevent unauthorized access to your files and keep your media files in a maintained order.

All three plugins that we have listed in our article have their advantages and disadvantages. You can further compare them on various parameters to decide the suitable one for your website. 

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