What is SAP S/4 HANA Simple Logistics?

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SAP S4 HANA Simple Logistics is the unofficial call for the gathering of supply chain management traces of business (lobs) that run on the SAP HANA platform. Now and again referred to as “logistics with SAP S4 HANA” and “SAP easy logistics,”. It changed into constructed to run on SAP HANA and utilizes the SAP Fiori user interface.

History of SAP S4 Simple Logistics

SAP S4 the unofficial call for the collection of supply chain control strains of enterprise (lobs) that logistics become first launched in 2016. This name became dropped in 2017 for two principal reasons. The first, sap turned into starting its pivot far away from the “run simple” motto, which didn’t deliver the nuance of some complex business approaches.

The second, SAP turned into including additional capability to its fledgling SAP S4 HANA portfolio—logistics abilities joined the monetary innovations SAP S4 HANA finance had introduced considering the fact that 2014.

The collection of modules that make up the SAP S4 HANA Simple logistics Course in Delhi lobs include answers formerly observed within the SAP ERP or SAP ECC. This was achieved purposefully by way of SAP to better distribute functionality and region comparable tactics together.

Where SAP S4 Simple HANA is Used?

  • Procurement – Step one inside the supply chain is, of path, getting the materials which can be had to satisfy orders. Within the sourcing and procurement lob, sap assists users in identifying and acquiring substances through prolonged procurement, operational buying, agreement and supplier control, and extra.
  • Production– Once substances were sold and brought, they need to be was finished goods. Within the production lob, sap assists users in product advent through responsive production, production operations, scheduling and transport making plans, pleasant management, and extra.
  • Supply Chain– Possibly the maximum including the four lobs, the deliver chain lob assists users in ordinary enterprise planning, in addition to storing and dispatching products when purchased. It covers tactics consisting of production making plans, batch traceability, warehousing, and inventory control.
  • Asset Management– it’s no longer simply merchandise that want to be sorted product-based totally companies very own production assets including machines, homes, and numerous tools. Inside the asset control lob, sap assists customers in taking care of these in-residence gadgets from a preservation perspective. Maintenance management answers inclusive of sap business enterprise asset control (SAP EAM), and EHS tracking and reporting tools are taken into consideration a part of the asset management lob.

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Future Scope of SAP S4 HANA Simple Logistics

SAP S4 HANA Simple Logistics is a unique platform provided to the business enterprise. Using this specific ERP gadget, the commercial enterprise can feature in a pre-emptive and collaborative way each with dealer and customers. It also affords customers with real-time facts required to cognizance on solving troubles and executing remedial motion closer to trouble resolution. SAP S4 HANA logistics acts as the catalyst for eliminating the obstacles between the departments and extended strains of enterprise.

At this point logistics in SAP, S4 HANA transform logistics from a system of records to a decision assist system through attaching a record more effectively and proactively, this is feasible with the help of innovation brought by the HANA platform. The capabilities expand the incorporated scope of logistics-placed collectively with major ERP functions from SRM, PLM, CRM and SCM which include the guide for technologies of value chain business enterprise.

The exceptionally streamlined records models will beautify throughput, whereas the new person interface offers coordination and simulation talents, which means that the customers could have the perfect statistics at the right time to take accurate expert choices.

As discussed above, SAP S4 HANA Simple Logistics Online Training in India holds a lot of importance, interested candidates must acquire a certification/degree regarding this. This is one of most important modules of SAP, which has a lot of job opportunities as well. It’s an evolving field which will have surely have updating in the coming years and having this skill would gradually uplift your career.

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