Instructions to turn off voicemail on iPhone

turn off voicemail iPhone

Turn off voicemail on iPhone why someone will have to go without having a voicemail service. So many phone service providers are charged extra for voicemail and having a voicemail service sometimes results in playing games with those who are trying to reach you.

Procedure to turn off voicemail on iPhone

Turn off voicemail on an iPhone processor are as follows some phones offer an option to turn off your voicemail via the settings.

1) Some phones offer an option to turn off voicemail iPhone while the options in setting The first thing You need to open an iPhone application on your iPhone home screen and select out your mailbox number you will enter your code *#55# and tab on the green trigger button. After it, you will receive the code number which you will write soon on any paper or save it some other way

2) Then, you should open the Settings application on the home screen of your iPhone. Then select the section of the iPhone…choose call forwarding and permit the option given on iPhone…And Enter the number which you write or save in the previous steps…Then you should leave the Menu and save the settings…

3) Now, Open up the iPhone application and select the icon at the very bottom. Enter the following steps and start the call by tap the green trigger button ..Then you will see a number of a text message on a dark grey background pop up, there is a voice call forwarding, Data call Forwarding, and Fax call forwarding you should tap Dismiss when it is done
Then you have to deactivate voicemail on your iPhone

Customizing forwarding features:

There is a more option to target voicemail settings to call forwarding on your iPhone

1) Typing as an example in #71# will turn off delayed sending

2) Typing in #72# will disable sending in case of no sign, or when you will close down on your iPhone totally

3) Typing in #77# will be sending disable on a busy line when your iPhone will currently on

4) After, sending disable Typing in #81# and you will confirm with the green calling button, as with the other options.

5) If you want to reactivate the voice mailbox feature, you can dial 004# and call.

How to turn off voicemail password on iPhone

When the inbox of the phone message is set up, the available password is turned on…The procedure below will help you to turn off the password and then it on later

1) First, you will start calling the system voicemail on your iPhone then press and hold on key number one…

2) Enter your inbox voicemail password, In case if you forget your password you may have to reset your password before proceeding.

3) Select the password options then tap on the key and says turn off the password..then you will process the following given promotes.

Hope this article will help you, how to turn off voicemail on iPhone.

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