How to Secure Netgear Router WiFi Network from Potential Threats?

Netgear router users reply on their WiFi devices for surfing the internet, streaming videos, playing games, and much more. Users are this much dependent on their WiFi devices that they do not pay attention to securing their devices. If you don’t want to give your personal information in the hands of leeches, then you must follow the list of security measures given below to secure your Netgear router WiFi network from on-going potential threats. Keep reading!

Ultimate Tips to Secure Netgear Router WiFi Network

Taking the necessary security measures for protecting your Netgear router WiFi is much like locking your home. So, have a nudge at the troubleshooting tips given below to secure your Netgear router WiFi.

Lock your WiFi

This is the foremost tip you need to follow to secure your Netgear router WiFi. Simply secure your device’s WiFi by changing the default Netgear router login credentials. You can easily change the default login credentials by navigating to the router’s settings via

Choose a Strong Password

Most routers can be accessed using the login credentials. The default Netgear router password is very easy to crack by intruders or hackers, particularly if they know the manufacturer of the device. When choosing a unique password for your WiFi network, keep in mind to make it at least 8-16 characters long and ensure digits, numbers, letters, special characters, upper cases, and lower cases including in it.

Doing so will make your Netgear router secure and hard to detect for hackers. You can easily change the device password by navigating to its dashboard using the default web or the routerIP address.

Activate Network Encryption

Netgear WiFi router supports numerous types of encryption like WEP, WPA, and WPA2. Though all of them are helping you secure your Netgear router, it is suggested to secure it using WPA2 encryption. By doing this, you will protect your Netgear router WiFi from potential threats.

Disable Remote Access

You can easily access your Netgear router from anywhere using the remote access feature. Though it makes it easier for you to access, control, and manage your router, it is also giving malicious people to access the settings of it. To secure your Netgear router, we suggest you disabling its remote access feature.

Keep your Netgear Router’s Firmware Up-to-date Always

Netgear router firmware update is really important for securing it from potential threats. Unfortunately, many Netgear routers don’t come with the option to update the firmware automatically. If your Netgear router doesn’t support the auto-update feature, it is suggested to get it updated manually by visiting routerlogin page.

Provide an Anti-firewall Protection to your Netgear Router

Firewall securities aren’t just the application that can be used on PC, laptop or smartphone. It can be used on any WiFi device. The firewall security on your Netgear device does the same thing as on your WiFi-enabled device, but apart from that its major plus point is that it helps in adding an extra layer of protection to your router. On the off chance that your Netgear router doesn’t support firewall security, you can easily download it on your device and protect it from on-going threats.

Final Thoughts

Securing your Netgear router WiFi network should be a priority for users who want to keep the personal information and data safe from anonymous people. However, a newbie should seek help from professionals for getting success in securing their Netgear router WiFi network from threats. Hopefully, this post will prove helpful to you for making your Netgear router WiFi secure. Do share your feedback with us via comments.

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