A Guide to Digital Forensic: Everything You Need To Know

Digital Forensics

The massive use of technology and interference of electronic media has made everything go digital. Since the technologies have evolved and have taken our lives to the next level of advancement, it almost feels impossible to not to use any digital gadget. Digital Forensic.

-The evolution of technology in today’s world has made humans rely on computers, smartphones, and other digital media. Not to mention, but the significant and sometimes very private information of people resides in their digital device. 

Due to the availability of important data on PCs and social accounts, hackers always try to make the most of the moment. This leads to unethical hacking, data breaches, and attacks on social accounts. Because of the threats of hacking, people fear sharing personal information with anyone, but when it comes to being digital, then there is no option of going back and POOF, PC, or a digital device is served with the credentials.

-Information and devices are connected, and online privacy is getting rare day by day.

Here picture takes a turn, and digital forensic, along with cybersecurity, enters the world of technology. Below is a complete guide that will let you know everything about digital forensic and cybersecurity.


You must have heard if someone is murdered, then a digital forensic test is done for the analysis of devices that the murdered person kept.

Let me explain it to you. Digital forensics is the subfield of forensic science. It revolves around the investigation, recovery, and scrutiny of the data which resides in the digital devices. Digital forensic is done if a cybercrime has occurred or if a dead person is being examined. The data which is being inside the computers and is saved in the devices is used to reveal the mystery if formed via a case of suicide or a murder.

-The industry of digital forensics has been thriving since the 1970s.


Has your Facebook account ever been hacked? Or if you have received any spam mail?

Capstone project writing service penned, since 2017, there has been a tremendous increment in cybercrimes. People have been the victims of fraud, account hacking, and, most dangerously, stealing private information. Hackers are involved in these unethical and unlawful activities on their own, and the purpose is only to loot and harass the people who are using social media.

Those people who are working with digital forensics in the departments of cybersecurity are the real front line warriors who are up for the fight against cybercrime. Their target is to collect the data which is being hidden or is being used with wrong means. They gather, process, and analyze all the data which is related to computers and other digital devices.

The mission which cybercrime department has is to dig down in the networks, devices, and computers of hackers and collect all the evidence which reflects their criminal activity. Scientific investigatory tactics are used during the whole process.


The digital forensic examination is divided into four basic stages. The following are their details.


It is the first stage of the digital forensic investigation where the legal taking of the specified digital device happens.


In the second stage, the duplicating of information on the device takes place.


Here the data reviewing and conclusion are being drawn.


This is the final stage of digital forensic investigation, where the results are allowed to show along with all the methods which are being implemented.


Digital forensics, along with cybersecurity, is one of the hottest fields among the careers. Not being praised enough, but the field has been helpful enough.

Whether they help in arresting those who are indulging in illegal pornography, or bringing justice to a murdered person, or tracking the terrorists or even finding a missing person or fraud employees, the field has shown its outstanding results and is declared as a highest-grossing field.

The field asks the individual to be proactive and efficient enough who can think critically to trace the hacker.


Digital forensic is one of the highest-grossing fields because of the increment in cybercrimes. A report was published by an IT capstone writer who stated that almost 83% of households hold one computer at least. However, 92% of the email holders use to check their email once in a day. It was also stated that almost 92% of executives use mobile phones to conduct and promote their business.

The most astonishing fact, there were almost 5.11 billion mobile users around the whole globe in 2019.

Around the globe, almost the loss of $375 and $525 million happens annually.

By the end of 2021, digital forensics is estimated to be a $4.9 billion industry.


If you are planning to pursue your career in the field of digital forensics, then there are so many jobs designed for you. The number of majority of the jobs lies in the law enforcement departments, agencies of the state, and large-sized corporations. The titles of the jobs are as follows:

  • Computer forensic investigator
  • Computer forensic technician
  • Information security analyst
  • Information systems security analyst
  • Forensic computer analyst
  • Security consultant

Digital forensics is the process of extraction, analysis, and the writings of the information and details which can be received via digital media. Sometimes it is the easiest task, and the information can be received via a single keystroke. However, sometimes it is a hard nut to crack because if the suspect has already deleted it, or if it is hidden under the deep layers of the network.

The digital forensic and cybercrime department are also linked with each other. Every activity which we do online always leave a footprint behind. This footprint is also compiled and can always be used as evidence against you in wrong means. The department of digital forensics and cybercrime help us to stay safe from every unlawful and unethical activity.

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