Detailed Guide to Setup and Reset Netgear Extender

Netgear WiFi range extenders are the need of every user today who wants to expand the range of their existing WiFi network. All the models of Netgear WiFi range extenders are exceptionally great and come with extra advanced features that help users to make the most of their internet. Besides, it is also very easy to set up your Netgear extender. You can do it in a few simple steps.

And when you notice that your Netgear extender isn’t performing well or you lost or forgot the login details or you can’t connect to its WiFi network, then the reset process comes into view.

Here, in this post, you will get to know the steps to set up and reset your Netgear extender in a hassle-free manner. Let’s get the ball rolling!

Steps to Set up Netgear WiFi Range Extender

  • Plugin your Netgear range extender into a working wall outlet.
  • Wait for some time for the power LED on your Netgear extender to become lit. On the off chance if the Power LED on your Netgear extender does not light, press the Power (On/Off) button.
  • Connect your Netgear Extender to the router’s WiFi network. Ensure to enable your WiFi connection. You can also connect your Netgear extender to the router using a wired connection.
  • After that, launch a web browser on a PC or laptop and enter in the URL bar field. If the web address mywifiext not working for you, then you can use the extender’s default IP for logging in. Make sure to use an up-to-date internet browser. Also, delete browsing history from the browser before accessing the web or the IP address.
  • The New Extender Setup page will display.
  • Click on the NEW EXTENDER SETUP button.
  • Enter your Netgear extender’s default admin credentials. In case, you have customized the login details, use them instead of the default ones.
  • Thereafter, from the drop-down menus, select and answer any two security questions. Note down these questions somewhere as they will be used to recover your extender’s admin credentials in case you forget them.
  • Once done, click on NEXT.
  • Connect your WiFi-enabled devices to the Netgear new extended WiFi network and enjoy the blazing-fast speed of the internet everywhere in your house.
  • Click on Continue.

Unplug your Netgear extender and plug it at the middle location of your house. Remember the location you choose for your Netgear extender must be in reach of your main router.

That is it! You have set up your Netgear extender successfully. If you are facing the following issues:

  • Forgot the Netgear extender’s admin details.
  • Extender connected but no internet.
  • Netgear Genie continues to appear after extender setup.
  • Not getting mywifiext local set up success and so on.

Then to recover from them, resetting the Netgear extender would be the best remedy.

Steps to Reset Netgear WiFi Range Extender

  • First of all, take the backup of the extender’s settings you customized.
  • Then, disconnect it from your router’s WiFi network and other connected devices.
  • Once done, locate the Netgear extender’s reset hole.
  • Have you found the reset hole? OK then! Push it with the help of a pin or paper clip.
  • Hold the Netgear extender reset hole for a few minutes and release it.
  • That’s all! You have successfully reset your Netgear WiFi range extender.

Now, you can configure your Netgear extender by navigating to mywifiext login portal and using the default settings and admin details.

The Final Thought

Our in-depth guide to setup and reset Netgear WiFi extender ends here. If you need more assistance, feel free to reach out to our technical experts via comments.

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