4 Common Pen Hovering Issues and their Solution

4 Common Pen Hovering Issues

Do you use a graphics pen tablet?

If you have ever noticed a pen hovering issue with your pen. Many users have shared their experiences while using a digital pen and hovering in the drawing area. It created some fine lines that users haven’t done. Such a type of functional disturbance delays your projects. While the deadline of the architectural design project is near it raises the bar of temperament.

4 common issues with a digital pen

We all select a tablet model after performing vast research but after a while, a few cases of issues occur that spare your time. We have come across from the 4 main problematic events.

  • It is noticed that the Huion pen tablet is away from the digital drawing area surface but still the line drawn on the screen.
  • The second one is that the user is hovering the pen on the drawing surface, but it unexpectedly clicks and selects.
  • While you hover your pen over the surface it changes the file’s position from one place to another.
  • A dotted line rectangle starts appearing on the drawing surface area.

Solution for a graphic digital pen

If you are one of those individuals who are stuck in the same problem we have found some interesting ways to resolve the problem. Do follow the guide so you can kick off this problem and enjoy your work.

First, the problem may be with the nib of the pen so you should get the new one. Know the right way to insert it or take the help of someone good at this. Another reason for this problem may be pollutant particles stick to the nib and that’s why disturbance is happening. So, you should clean it in a smoother way and then start working on your TABLET.

In the second scenario, sometimes if an electromagnetic object is around the digital pen may create a disturbance and the functionality gets affected. By keeping away such objects can make you overcome the actions on a tablet with accuracy. It is a usual thing that can happen to anyone.

In the third scenario, sometimes the problematic agent may be the driver installed on your tablet. This problem can also be resolved in 3 steps. Perform an uninstall action on your phone and check if it helps the problem is still or get resolved. If you don’t know how to deal with the driver uninstall process. It’s not that tough.

If the pen unknowingly slipped off your hand and it is creating a problem you may have to visit the graphic pen tablet store to get a new pen. So you continue to work.

To get customer support from Huion India you can directly go to the website, share the product info, if, purchase point details, video to get the full insight into what you are going through.

We hope that after implementing the above ways your tablet experience will get better and you can focus and draw the fine art on your tablet pad and will be connected with the Huion graphic pen tablet.

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