Jobs in data science that dont need coding

Digital Forensics

Coding can be difficult to a novice but those having interest in machine learning and artificial intelligence can have access to it so we are presenting 7 data science Jobs where we don’t need coding.
Data science strategy consultant
Help company in supporting answers of questions like
Why do we need data science?how can we move into data driven business?what do we need for that?
.technical writer for data science software, methods and psychological aspects of user
Must understand end to end software
,✅Recruiter for technology
Needs to understand the fundamental of data science job and processes and application goals
✅.sales representative of a DS company
Responsible for generating leads, negotiating conditions and deal with customers
data science project manager
Plan, execute, analyze, risk management and design data science solutions.
data visualization and BI expert
Setting up understandable reporting
.data scientist working with no code tools and Great data visualization to tell non technical people what’s the art
It enables less technical people to Perform complex data modeling

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