Do Local Citations Matter Anymore?

Local Citations Matter

In this modern era of technology, it is not enough to show your presence digitally only. You have to reach out to your customers if you really want to grow your brand. Local citation impacts your customer a lot, either positively or negatively. If your citations are accurate then, they will help people discover the power of local business listing. On the other hand, incorrect citations can misdirect the customers, which may lead to the loss of revenue and reputation.

Now the question you might be trying to think about is whether local citation matters anymore or not? Let’s see how we can satisfy you with our explanation.

Over the course of years, the importance of business citation for local SEO decreased. Citation is still important in some perspectives. In determining the organic and local pack rankings, the citation is playing a less prominent role.

There is a huge range of opinions about the attention devoted to citations. Although citations were used to be seen as a critical local ranking factor, now things have changed. Citations are dismissed as almost meaningless by some local SEOs. However, the other side is of the view that focuses on key sites matters. Now is the time of USA business listing sites that help businesses rank in front of people who are potential customers that would convert.

Previous Local SEO Citation Practices

In old local SEO citation practices, local SEO was responsible for making sure that every mention of their client business on the internet has to be secure and correct. It was quite a tough task at that time. It includes that business name, phone number, address, and website had to be the same on each website where they were mentioned.

With the passage of time, Google started becoming smarter and less reliant on data sources for any kind of business information. Otherwise, before that, Google used to rely on the Info group, Factual, Axicom, and other aggregators. If your business information was listed at more USA business listing sites, then Google believed that you have a real business.

As time passes, citation companies started getting removed, but the result was surprising, nothing bad happened!

Declining of Citation Importance

What do you think would happened to the importance of citations? Citation companies are almost off the subject now. It is because the local search has evolved to a greater level, which decreases the importance of citations. Another most important factor is that these citations don’t do much for ranking in the USA business listing sites.

The low tier directory and citation sites need to go now if it is not sending traffic. With Google My Business, Google can now attain all the information about your business, and it can provide an overview to your customers too. All these activities are performed by Google My Business using Knowledge Panel or Local Pack listings. These factors have caused a serious decline in the importance of citations and a rise in the need for USA business listing sites in the online market.

What are some new local SEO citation practices?

We cannot completely neglect citation practices. If the old ones are not giving a positive response, then it is time for some new local SEO citation practices.

The most important citation that we can still consider is the one in which we create, verify, and then optimize our Goggle My Business Listing. Now, if you are thinking that citations are worthless, then maybe you are wrong. It might not have its previous importance, but think about it, adding 50 citations to the biggest and most important website will only increase your effect on your business positively.

Citation services like Moz, Synup, Yext were important maybe 6 years ago but not now! They can get you into some of the bigger and important directories, but along with that, you will also enter into the smaller ones, which is not good enough.

SEO Citation survey

The main consensus is that the citations were used to make a competitive difference, but now they don’t make such admirable competitive differences. According to a survey, an average of 81 citations is there for local businesses that rank in the top 10 positions in Google local.

An average of 75 and 86 of citations are here for the businesses ranked 10 and 1 respectively in the Google Local Finder. Some of the local businesses don’t even have any of the most popular citation sites.

Expert local citation survey results

According to this expert survey, the majority of the experts believe that for local search ranking, accurate citations are very important. Half of the experts think that citations become less important as compared to the previous year. Industry relevancy is considered as an important factor by experts while selecting citation sites. USA business listing sites allow you to be able to rank in local searches to get you customers that are locally around you for faster sales.

Niche citations

There is a category of some worthwhile citations for a specific niche. For example, if we talk about a lawyer, then sites like Avvo, Justia, Nolo are considered beneficial. Similarly, the site like Angie’sList, CalculateMe, and Manta are useful for insurance agents.

As these sites are exactly meant for your niche so, your website will rank organically. These sites will help you in ranking your business if not ranked yet. But still, the main reason for the less importance of citation is that Google is taking a lot of information which we can’t even think of. It takes this information straight from the customers and businesses while dropping all the information into Google My Business.

Valuable Citations

Well, not all the citations have lost their importance, there are still some worthwhile citations presents. These kinds of citations should be built to aid your business. Take your time and build citations once and for all, don’t waste your time on citations which are either too low level or completely worthless.

Some of the worthless and time-wasting citations will only decrease your business’s ranking and traffic.

Hopping that we have answered all of your questions clearly with all the known facts and reasons. In the end, we know that getting a lot of citations for your business can have a negative effect, as there will be a lot of small and irrelevant sites as well. Citations will still be important by having a good amount of key general, industry-specific citations.

You cannot achieve local SEO without getting citations in place for local businesses. Potential customers can distrust your business if you try to use any inaccurate citations. We hope that now you will choose your Citation strategy carefully according to its importance. QRGTech is one of the top USA business listing sites and has been providing valuable services to the region. You can get your website listing on QRGTech along with your complete contact details so that your customers can access you straight away. You can get your landing pages built from QRGTech that will be a mini version of your business website and will contain the complete contact information of your business.

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