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We always think about two things 1. Website 2. Monetization of the Website using AdSense.

suppose you have a vehicle But you do not have petrol in it In the same way, If you have AdSense Approval But you do not have traffic in your website.

It is very important to have TRAFFIC then only the AdSense Approval is of any use to you.

Then only you will be able to fulfill your target i.e. to earn REVENUE and for that, you need BEST WordPress Themes.

Your website must be designed using the BEST WordPress Themes.

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Important factors include

  1. Site Speed
  2. Content Quality
    (Accessibility & Best Practice)
  3. Google Index
  4. On Page SEO

What are WordPress’ Best Themes?

There are these parameters which you see on the screen If these 5 parameters are there in your WordPress Theme only then your website can be properly designed.

Let us understand how we can try to find out BEST WordPress Themes out of so many available.

We will talk about 5 such themes in our article today which will help you to get AdSense Approval and also huge Traffic to your website. 

If you are a Beginner and want to design/develop your website by your own Then you must choose a Theme which comes with “Elementor Plugin”. 

This Elementor Plugin must be associated with the theme. 

What is Elementor?

Before 2017, If you wanted to develop a website you had to get it done through a developer or else learn development/coding for building a website But after Elementor was launched Non-technical people also designed a website. 

As this Elementor is a Plugin which helps you to create a website in an easy way So the first important point is, your theme must have “Elementor Plugin” or can be linked with it. 

2nd Important point is If you are searching for Free Themes on WordPress Then those Free Themes must be approved by the official WordPress Account. 

The 5 Themes which I am going to share today All these are approved by WordPress and you can also search these themes in Official WordPress Portal 

Do not search on Google, because if the themes are not approved by WordPress then it is quite difficult to get long term support. 

WordPress only approves those themes which are trustworthy so it is always better to search on WordPress So go and search for the themes which I am about to share. 

Best 5 WordPress Official Themes

5. Shapely 

You can select and Install it, downloads are 60,000 plus, The rating is 4.5 out of 5 which is a great rating by overall users. 

This theme is responsive and comes with flat design It’s also retina ready Most important is, it also has WooCommerce which enables you to make an eCommerce Website. 

it is available for free and you cannot except great support for free

The second con is the website speed Checking the speed on GTMetrix It has scored a F 

I was expecting it to get at least B. You will need to work on a lot of points. If the website speed does not matter to you Then Shapely is a good theme with color and font options. 

4. Optimizer 

This is a recently designed theme available But still, there are good downloads of it and people are preferring this theme over others. 

Website performance was awesome this theme was updated recently on 12th Aug 2020 Active Installations are lesser i.e. 9000 plus only when compared to Astra or any other theme. 

But the ratings are great. It’s 4.5 out of 5 and that’s a great rating right. 

You can also access the theme features here Create beautiful pages with widgets you can create unlimited landing pages this is an SEO Friendly website theme. 

There is a lot of scope for customization too. 

Most Importantly, the theme is available for FREE Coming to page speed of this theme. I have opened a few websites built-in using this theme. We are going to check the speed of this site now in GTmetrix. The score It has scored an A YSlow score is 89% and that is why B Grade the website gets fully loaded in 3.4 seconds. 

The GTmetrix makes it clear that the theme is good. All the major points listed below are in green which gives it a GO AHEAD. 

Coming to Cons – again SUPPORT becomes No. 1 It is everywhere as the themes are available for free. 

Another con is – No scope of customization is available But I still feel you can use this theme and get your site ranked in Google. 

3. Hestia 

This again is WordPress approved and available for Free 

Let us get into the theme detail It was recently updated on 3rd Aug 2020 It has more than 1 lac downloads 

The best thing is, it has scored 5 out of 5 As per the end-users too, this theme is Number 1 

its User Interface (UI) UI is fantastic also, look at the theme’s features this theme also supports WooCommerce which makes it the best theme for building an eCommerce Website another important point being, Elementor Plugin is enabled with this theme All these are the theme Pros another Pro is, the theme is SEO Friendly which makes it suitable to perform various SEO activities. 

Now let us look at the Optimized Speed of this theme using GTmetrix again for checking the speed you can see the site performance here. It has scored “A” in both Page Speed and YSlow so the theme is also known for its good speed. 

Now let us look at the Cons too Major con point is Customization as it is very difficult to customize this theme another point, SUPPORT (Which is the same as like other cases) A BIG NO 

2. OceanWP 

One of the most popular and easy to use WordPress Theme. This theme is also available for free and also WordPress Approved Elementor Plugin is also enabled in this theme. 

The theme was updated recently 10 days back i.e. 2nd Sep 2020 Active Installations are more than 6 lacs WordPress Vs is 5.3 and PHP Vs is 7.2. 

The theme has scored a rating of 5 out of 5 Let us jump to the Homepage and see the theme features 1st one being SEO Based Built In Fastest Page Loading eCommerce Ready and it is Fully Responsive which means it will work properly in different devices This theme has also scored “A” in both in GTmetrix.

1. GeneratePress

Many of affiliates websites are mostly build on GeneratePress Theme.

GeneratePress Provide Similarity with page manufacturer. A few customizer alternatives, Broad documentation. WooCommerce mix.

GeneratePress is a multipurpose WordPress subject, which implies that you can adjust it to any site specialty.

As indicated by WordPress.org, GeneratePress is dynamic on more than 100,000 locales and has likewise figured out 5-star rating on more than 692 audits.

Hope you find this helpful.

if you have any query or suggestion drop a comment below.


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