10 Quick Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

drive traffic to your website

Do you have a website that is all set up, waiting to be explored by people? Or do you have an existing business website that isn’t receiving much traffic? If this is the case, then you’ve come to the right place as we’ll discuss how to drive traffic to your site quickly.

Just keep calm and read the upcoming lines as we have listed proven tactics that will work for sure.

10 Proven Traffic-Driving Tactics

  1. Write content that answers questions

Imagine any question is bugging you constantly; what will you do? 

You’ll most likely search for it on Google or Bing, right?

Exactly! Your job is to find questions that many people are searching for and answer them in the best way possible. If the content on your website answers people’s queries, Google and other search engines will send huge traffic to your website.

You might wonder how to find these questions? 

Well, there are three things you can do.

  • Make efforts to understand your target audience
  • Use keyword research tools 
  • Search a question that you think your audience might have, and that’ll lead you down the rabbit hole of more queries.
  1. Create long-form content 

A while back, BuzzSumo and Moz collaborated and analyzed 1 million articles to identify the content format that gets the most shares and links.

They found out that long-form content (>3k words) gets 208% more shares compared to shorter articles (<1000 words). Moreover, longer content ranks better and is more topically relevant, which leads to better ranking.

  1. Publish research articles/ expert roundup posts

Research articles attract many backlinks and shares, so writing them is a must. Research articles include collecting survey data from marketers or website development providers combining them to get some useful stats. 

The new stats you came up with will be quoted and linked by a lot of websites, thereby attracting a tremendous amount of traffic and increased domain authority for your website. 

  1. Use Irresistible headlines

Headlines are crucial; if it doesn’t capture your audience’s attention, then it’s game over for you. The headline is one of the first things people notice in search results, and without a tempting headline, even the best blogs might go down the drain.

For better headlines, you can use a headline analyzer like coschedule’s headline analyzer.

Let me tell you some phrases that, if used in headlines, instantly get eyes on your article. This includes using the word how to, numbers, lesson, mistake, reader-centered words like “you,” or using emotional words like “give me goosebumps” in your title.

Additionally, great headlines are short and have an average of 7 words or less. Lastly, the look of the title matters a lot so make sure it is visually appealing.

  1. Email marketing

According to Oberlo, 3.9 billion people have email IDs, i.e., a whopping half of the world’s population. Email marketing delivers a massive return on investment for every $1 spent; you get a return of $42 on average.

Along with such a high ROI, 87% of the marketers use email as their content distribution channel.

With such impressive stats and potential, they shouldn’t be taken for granted.

Here are some tips to ensure email drives traffic to your site. 

  • Build an active subscriber list asap.
  • Don’t send a lot of emails.
  • Use a powerful CTA.
  • Add social media sharing buttons in your mails
  • Write irresistible subject lines
  1. Write guest posts 

Guest posting refers to writing articles for other sites rather than your own. The benefits you receive are excellent as this will get you a backlink, send traffic to your site, and promote awareness of your brand.

While this a cool opportunity, finding suitable websites that let you publish guest posts is a challenge. Try to get people to guest post on your website, too, as this will also help you get more traffic on your site as the author will promote their article published on your site.

  1. Write on medium/ other similar sites

Medium is a user-generated writing platform that prioritizes the content based on the reading habits of users. Writing on medium and other such sites is useful as it continually sends traffic to your website. Furthermore, they also have a built-in engaged audience is always on the lookout to read something that fulfills their curiosity or is beneficial.

  1. Repurpose content to other platforms

Do you have a list of your content that performed exceptionally well? If yes then, this is a wonderful opportunity to breathe life into your old words and extract more value out of them. 

  1. Promote content in relevant online communities

Find relevant online channels like Reddit, slack, FB groups that would love to read your content. These are the places where your audience hangs out when they want to read something helpful and tailored to their interests.

  1. Seo

Seo is one of the powerful ways to drive traffic to your website consistently. Your content will go in vain if it is not optimized for search engines. Here are basic SEO requirements that you need to look out for.

  • Mobile responsive website design
  • A valid Secure sockets layer (SSL) certificate 
  • Getting links from relevant websites
  • Content that people are searching for
  • Content management system (e.g., wordpress) which is Seo friendly
  • Fast and responsive web host

That’s all, folks.

Well, these traffic driving techniques would have surely put you into heavy thinking. Being excited about them is natural, but make sure that if you start applying a particular strategy, don’t leave them halfway. 

That being said, we wish you good luck and hope that these strategies will make a difference and drive an enormous amount of traffic to your site.

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