How to Choose the Right International Credit Card

How to chose international credit cards

Typically, international credit cards are considered as the perfect financial tool to accompany during overseas travel due to their competitive currency conversion rate offerings. Thus, individuals prefer to use such credit cards over any other cash exchanges abroad or even domestically. Also, cardholders can purchase in local currencies via these international credit cards that mostly avail the best possible rate in the market.

Usually, travel cards are optimized explicitly for foreign tours serving various facilities like foreign transaction charges waiver and lucrative incentive programs. Nonetheless, based on personalized requirements like lesser annual fees, cash withdrawal charges, etc., individuals can also consider other options.

Here is how to choose international credit cards for the next overseas travel –

Whether the card works in foreign countries

While carrying a credit card for foreign tours, individuals should be sure about its acceptability in other countries. Cardholders can notify the issuers about their travel plans to ensure the international transaction facility is unlocked. However, depending on financiers, it is not mandatory to inform all issuers, but users can check the card’s policies beforehand.

Check the foreign transaction charges

Generally, individuals prefer to opt for a travel card for abroad tours or vacation purposes. However, some may charge considerably higher foreign currency transaction fees, whereas some financiers may offer overseas transaction fees waiver as one of the credit card features. 

Thus, borrowers should compare this fee on various lenders’ cards and choose the most affordable one. Individuals should remember that such expensive fees can add up to a significantly higher payable amount and lead to challenges during repayment.

Insurance cover

When choosing international credit cards, applicants should obtain cards that offer travel insurance with them as well. It can help a user to save a considerable amount from buying such policies separately. Travel insurance can financially cover any loss or damage due to loss of luggage, trip cancellation or delays, emergency medical expenses and evacuation while on vacation, etc. With such cards, borrowers can also avoid spending money on unforeseen events like booking travel tickets, accommodation, etc. during emergencies.  

Available reward programs

International travel cards can be expensive as they provide several benefits together. However, cardholders can save a considerable amount by redeeming the points earned through promotional offers available on it. So, individuals need to find out the right card with useful credit card features.

For example, a sign-up bonus offers loyalty points on spending over a specific amount within a particular time. Borrowers can redeem these points and use them to reduce future travel expenses. Similarly, some cards offer cash backs, hotel booking points, airline miles, dining coupons, etc. that can be useful to cover a substantial cost in upcoming abroad tours.

Look for worldwide customer care assistance

Another important feature that individuals need to look for in international credit cards is round-the-clock customer assistance worldwide. During emergencies like card lost or stolen, individuals might get stranded without cash. In those cases, they might need instant replacement, and quick customer assistance can be utterly helpful. 

Based on financial organizations or card policies, borrowers can receive emergency cash benefits, quick card replacement, medical assistance, etc. Hence, individuals should carefully pick international cards that come with these features.

Applicants can also find international cards that offer interest-free withdrawal benefits and robust security. 

However, it is vital to know all the terms and conditions and know credit card benefits for every traveler before considering it for abroad uses.

Thus, borrowers should evaluate all these aspects before signing up for an international credit card. They must also know how to use a card wisely, or else they can end up accumulating a bill that strains their repayment capacity.

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Features that you should consider for an international credit card

Individuals often confuse international credit cards and travel cards. Even though many of their features are similar, overseas cards are typically designed to provide facilities for abroad tours. Domestic travel cards are limited to offer advantages on air ticket booking or hotel booking. International cards can additionally serve with currency exchange fee waivers. So, applicants should know all the important features of international cards before obtaining any card option.

Worldwide acceptability

Firstly, individuals should be aware of the worldwide acceptability of their preferred cards. For safety measures, borrowers can contact lenders and inform them about their foreign trips. This way, card issuers can check all the policies and plans on cards and unlock the available overseas benefits.

Abroad transaction charges

Overseas transaction fees can vary across the available product line as well as financiers. So, applicants should search for an international card that can offer relatively lower transaction charges on foreign purchases. Similarly, borrowers can search for Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard cards that provide a waiver on a cash advance facility. This way, borrowers can use these cards cost-effectively even during foreign tours.

Travel insurance

Some international cards come with in-built travel insurance facilities. By availing these cards, individuals can financially cover them from any unpredictable occurrence like stolen or lost baggage, emergency transport, evacuation, and medical help. 


Incentive programs like cash backs, coupons, vouchers, reward points, etc. are useful for saving on future purchases. Thus, borrowers need to pick up international credit cards with incentive programs to successfully reduce the upcoming expenses. For example, discounts on dining, accommodation, etc. can be considerable on overseas cards.

24X7 customer helpline

International cards should come with a 24X7 helpline for emergencies like card stolen or lost, stranding, etc. where immediate action is required. Borrowers should keep all these elemental features in mind while searching for the right international card. 

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