5 Best Marketing Strategies every business need during Corona Pandemic

Marketing Strategies every business need during Corona Pandemic

In this article, I am going to be share with you the five marketing strategies during corona that you need to know if you want to survive during these challenging times. We are currently going through a market and an economic situation like nothing we have ever seen before. You add to all of this massive, massive media and massive amounts of information, some good, some not so good, but all of it rather based in fear. And you’ve got people running for the hills, which is leaving a lot of businesses struggling, a lot of entrepreneurs trying to kind of pick up the pieces and trying to figure out what they’re going to do today, how they’re going to survive tomorrow.

Now, there is some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that some businesses are going to suffer, whether we are talking about the travel industry, whether we are talking about the real estate or mortgage industry. Some businesses have simply been shut down for the time being. The good news, however, though, is that there are other businesses, other industries, other markets with great opportunities here, not opportunities to profit and to take advantage of the situation, because frankly, that’s just gross. Rather to continue to provide value, to continue to serve their markets and to continue to be a beacon of hope and of light and of leadership during these challenging times. Because the reality is, is that people are looking for solutions.

Marketing Strategies During Corona Pandemic

Following are five tips that you need to be taking advantage of or leveraging or using in your business right now to create an even greater level of impact and better serve the people that you seek to serve:

  1. Create more marketing content
  2. Analyze the market and find new opportunities
  3. Strip down your marketing to the bare bones
  4. Spare more time to think strategically
  5. Improve Your Mental Health and Wellness

1. Create more marketing content

There is a ton of opportunity out there for those who are willing  to create more content. The reality is, it’s very much supply and demand when it comes to social media algorithms, when it comes to all of the content platforms, in that as long as people are willing to be consuming the content and taking it all in.

Well, that indicates a huge amount of demand and the supply, despite the fact that there is a ton of people creating content. There is always room for more if you are creating valuable and relevant content specific to the type of audience or specific to the market that you are seeking to serve.

More than any time in history, people are stuck at home. They are stuck with running out of things to do. People are binge-watching Netflix. They are consuming this entire media and most of it is negative, which means that you have an opportunity here to go out there and create some good content and really just create any somewhat content. In fact, I am willing to lower the bar on what is acceptable content right now, just in favor of you getting even more content out there. Again, this is because your customers, your audience, your market is starving for new content. They want to see more stuff, read more stuff. and listen to more podcasts.

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2. Analyze the market and find new opportunities

Next tip that I want to share is probably one of the most valuable skills that you could possibly ever have as a marketer, an entrepreneur, a businessperson, or even as an employee. Because what this involves is exactly what it sounds like and it’s just spending time thinking.

Sounds boring? ….. Kind of boring.

The reality is, is it is incredibly valuable. Now my challenge to you is to get a blank piece of paper and pen. There’s something really valuable about that tactile experience of pen and paper. Start thinking, start strategizing and start asking yourself questions that you really want to find solutions to. Like what opportunities currently exist in the market that we can help, serve, and take advantage.

Keep in mind following questions while looking for new opportunities:

  • What opportunities are available for you to leverage?
  • Where are the gaps in the market where people are looking for a solution that your business would be uniquely positioned to solve?
  • Where do you want to take your business over the next coming weeks, coming months, and maybe even coming years?

The reality is, is that we are in these weird times and tough for me to say, but things are probably never going to go back fully to normal. We have kind of crossed this barrier where we are in uncharted waters. So you really want to make sure that you are positioning yourself accordingly moving forward anyway, thinking time hugely valuable. I have probably done more thinking time in the last few weeks, few months than I have in pretty much the last year. It is really led to some interesting breakthroughs and interesting developments

3. Strip down your marketing to the bare bones

The next strategy that you need to do is really strip down your marketing to the bare bones. Make sure that you’re focusing on the right thing and metric. Sounds very confusing.

So let me break it down right here. Essentially, the reason that many people complain that marketing does not work, this strategy didn’t work, or that tactic didn’t work. It is just because they were using the wrong tool for the job or they were giving something more value or more weight than it really deserved. Therefore, what I want to do here is really make sure that you understand the value of each kind of metric that your marketing could be achieving for you. The very first thing and this is where most people start and most people go so wrong. The very first and kind of lowest common denominator value of marketing is all about impressions.

Keep in mind all marketing metrics

Let’s take CPM is an example. CPM is an important metric, and it’s important to understand and to take into consideration. But it is again the lowest common denominator, because rarely should the sole focus of your marketing efforts be simply to reach more.

People really want to make sure you are reaching the right people. You want to make sure that you are driving action. You want to make sure that you’re getting sufficient leads and conversations and all that.

Regardless, where people go wrong is they run these massive brand awareness campaigns. They get in front of thousands or tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands or millions of people. Nobody buys and then they say marketing just doesn’t work or this strategy didn’t work. The reality is they were just focusing on the wrong metric.

The point is to make sure that your marketing is being accountable. Now more than ever, maybe do a bit of thinking time on this and making sure that you’re moving in the right direction for your business.

4. Spare more time to think strategically

Right now, we have this weird time where we have more time at home. We have more time away from kind of traditional or standard business activities. We have more time to do that thinking, to think strategically, to layout all our marketing. Make sure you are doing the right things for the right people. Well, now is the time that you really want to lay the foundation for your future success.  Making sure that you’re tracking the right metrics. Making sure that you’ve invested significant thinking time into the right questions and guiding yourself forward.

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You see, odds are good that we are sliding into a decent economic recession. If you’re strategically aligned and you’re planning for this. There have been many massive empires that have been started on the bottom of the recession.

We are experiencing all of the fear and panic that previous generations have faced. So the reality  is that some people are willing to accept that element of risk. They have set themselves up accordingly.

5. Improve Your Mental Health and Wellness

My next tip is a bit more of a mental one. It’s incredibly important to make sure that you’re continuing to feed your brain, feed your body, feed everyone around you. Good information, positive information. Use this time not only for thinking, but also for studying.

What’s that marketing/business book that you wanted to read but you did not have a chance to before?

Now is the time. Take in some good information, allow it to percolate and to strategize on it, and then create some really good stuff, which all comes back to laying the foundation for your business.

Hope you have learn something valuable from this article. The most important thing is to take action on these tips.

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