Top 10 UK Wholesale Italian Clothing Manufacturers

Italian clothing is one of the famous brands in Europe. As a retailer, you must know what Italian wholesale clothing manufactures are and what they trade with. Your exact information about made in Italy dresses wholesaler will help you get an ideal Italian fashion whole platform in the UK and abroad. If you know about Italian wholesale clothing manufacturers, you will be to deal with an ideal one. So, the information about top Italian clothing manufacturers is necessary to make the right choice. Here is the detail of the top ten Italian clothing manufacturers.


It is considered one of the leading Italian wholesale clothing suppliers and distributors that are not only well-known in the UK but also all around the world. Along with clothing manufacturers, it serves as a drop-shipper as well. It doesn’t just supply wholesale ladies’ clothing but also supplies inexpensive men and kid garments in the UK and the rest of the world. They give one million-plus product covering one hundred plus categories throughout the world. Quality products and chic designs are the preference of the China brand. As far as the economy is concerned, it is unparalleled.

Management Team

In order to maintain its high standard and have the quality check, Chinabrand hires a high-quality control team to ensure its service. To find the biggest wholesale women made in Italy clothing supplier, you will first hear the name of Chinabrand. And to design trendy and well-known season outfits, Chinabrand is hiring the services of well capable designers.

All Size Service

Chinabrand is serving the regular size and the plus with the same standard of quality and style.

Discounts on Bulk Purchase

The more you buy the more you will get discounts while purchasing different types of garments.

Other Services

To get maximum information about the different products, it provides merchandise images and SEO friendly product descriptions for you to help your company.

Stacker Italia srl

Another Italian clothing wholesale platform to buy and sell accessories and clothes such as bags, underwear, and footwear. It offers about ninety percent of Italian origin products. The sale is held according to the choice of customers. You will certainly enjoy cheap and affordable economical deals that vary from product to product for quality purchased. It is among prominent Italian fashion suppliers wholesalers in the UK.


You must have heard about it, and nowadays, it is considered one of the biggest e-commerce websites from where you can make deals of tons of items of various categories on wholesale rates. Alibaba is specialized for the quality outfit. Most retailers are satisfied to deal with Alibaba concerning colors, designs, styles, and so on. Alibaba supplies a large amount of quality, but there has been a problem with quality control. The supply of large volumes from Alibaba doesn’t let it have a strict quality checks on the products. Therefore, I would like to suggest choosing any other clothing bulk suppliers rather than Alibaba if you are a newbie.

Sammy dress

It is another more prominent dealer of Italian fashion clothing wholesale products and is special for wholesale selling of comprehensive women plus size clothing and accessories. If you go to Sammy dress, you will have to face a problem as it will only provide you women’s apparel. In this regard, you will have to go to any other made in Italy clothing brand instead of it.

For retailers, it offers many more in the form of dresses for men and women and offers countless ladies dresses to retailers such as dresses, shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, skirts, knitwear, and trouser. If you want to stock up with men’s apparel, you can purchase from here jackets, jeans, shoes, dresses, shirts, and Tank tops.

Blu Sas

It has been an Italian clothing business since 1992. Its office is situated in the textile in Milan. It is celebrated for providing sweaters, pants, skirts, basic accessories, and outerwear. 

Vesto Outlet

This Italian clothing fashion wholesale products has been offering men’s and women’s clothing for many years. It sells out both wholesale and retail store items to wholesale and retail stores.

Sigma Gi Spa

It is one of the most quoted and common Italian fashion brands of clothing and accessories. It facilitates over three thousand stock houses, global stores, and outlets in more than eighty countries and has been in services since 1972. Only a few Italian fashion manufacturers have such a vast network of service as it has.

Luxury Stock

It is an Italian fashion-based company specializing in selling men’s women’s and children’s clothing and accessories of significant globally demanded brands. It is famous for Italian wholesale clothing brands such as Dolce and Gabbana, Yves Saint Laurent, Dior, Gucci, Dsquard2, Versace Collection, Philipp Plein, John Galliano, Armani, Collezioni Stella McCartney.

Firmetrade SRL

It has been in operation since 1992. They are serving as a wholesale supplier of men, women, boys, girls, and children clothing of most sought-after and innovative fashion companies of the world and deals with many famous Italian fashion brands like Kocca, Diesel, Kejo, Valentino, Marlboro Classic, Effe, and many others.

Wholesale Shopping

Wholesale Shopping is one of the top ten Italian fashion wholesale clothing suppliers that has emerged as a main and big wholesaler of Italian fashion dressing wholesale suppliers. It has gained its present status within a short period, and it will serve you by providing a variety of Italian fashion clothing. Wholesale sells a wide range of men and women seasonal and festive products and has so many Italian products like tops, dresses, trousers, shirts, and pants. It has a matchless economy with superb quality products in his stock to facilitate retailers all around the UK. Wholesale Shopping offers cheap wholesale jewelry with premium quality and trend and supplies countless products throughout the year. It keeps a balance between the economy and quality. It has only a few matchings concerning economy, variety, and credibility of service.

Which Is the Best?

Now it is up to the readers to decide that. You go through all ten Top wholesale Italian Clothing Manufacturers, and after having studied all, you will be able to give your favor to any one of these. 

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