The Battle To Deliver Your Online Shopping:

We know covid-19 affected all over the world. But it has increased the online shopping process because no one can go out for shopping because of covid-19. COVID-19 has made 2020 a record year for online shopping. We can see there was never any year in which online shopping was increased as now. As they need to work more and it takes a lot of time and it needs strength and smartness, exciting new challenges and concepts are emerging. Many companies are providing promo codes so that more people visit their company and purchase more. For-example, Wyze cam promo codeWyze Cam is the company for cameras by using their coupons we can get more discount while purchasing online.

For delivery purposes, 2020 is different from all other years. Every month there comes a lot of festival days on which people have to purchase more but this year they can’t go out for purchasing so they thought why we shouldn’t purchase online. But basically, the peak year for shopping starts from November, first, there comes black Friday which comes on the last Friday of November. Then 12.12, then cyber Monday, before the December rush there comes Christmas on 25th December.

But due to covid-19, lockdown started in most countries from February or March. Although there are some countries who are free from COVID-19 but there are still many countries who have got the 2nd wave of covid-19. But due to these lockdowns, record-breaking online purchasing has been done in these months all over the world.

E-commerce accounted for 28.1% of overall retail sales in the UK this October, a leap of nearly 50 percent compared to October 2019. It’s a pattern that looks set to remain. A recent McKinsey consultancy survey in Germany predicts that customers who do most or all of their shopping online once the pandemic is over will rise between 25 percent and 40 percent. This is big news for the parcel delivery market.

In many companies, they have increased the number of staff just because of online shopping. In July, Hermes UK announced it would hire more than 10,000 new staff just to fulfill the requirements for online shopping. But this is not what everyone should do, because this 2020 year is full of surprises. It has increased the competition even there is online shopping. Everyone is trying to produce the best quality and there has become a battle for the delivery system. Everyone is introducing a new version of delivery. Like in some countries they invented drones for delivery systems because they have a fear that may be during delivery, delivery guys could get infected so they have introduced these delivery versions. Some countries developed robots for the delivery system.

But while automation is becoming fundamental in shipping and distribution centers, the last mile is still reliant on human involvement. Technology plays a very important role in this type of shipping because technology is increasing day by day. Due to this reason, everyone is inventing new ideas which are related to technology or could be done because of technology.

With parcel volumes continuing to grow, a major priority for carriers is improving performance. In order to shorten journey times, many have implemented AI-powered route planning systems, while alternative drop-off sites now include lockers, local convenience stores, garages, and even vehicles to minimize the number of missed deliveries. For now, most countries still adopted the delivery system which was done by van or normal rides. Some deliveries are done by motorcycles, bicycles, and maybe other small rides which will not create any type of difficulties for delivery in congested streets.

Parcel distribution isn’t just about quality for a rising number of customers and local authorities, but it’s also about sustainability. By 2030, our growing love of online shopping could lead to a 36% rise in delivery vehicles on the highways of major cities. According to the World Economic Forum, that would increase delivery traffic emissions by 32 percent and congestion by 21 percent.

Customer Expectations:

Every company wants to deliver its product according to customer expectations. So everyone is doing great and they are doing their 100% but no one can complete the desire of all customers. Even all companies are moving towards the system which can deliver the product as quickly as possible. But somehow. If they will deliver their product according to customer expectation maybe they will deliver a bad quality of the product or maybe deliver a good quality of the product. So they have to maintain both at the same time. Retailers need to set consumer standards, while regulations also have a role to play, “such as incentivizing city access based on the sustainability of the logistics system delivering the package.”

Nowadays everyone wants quickly, they want they should receive the product first. Due to this reason, companies are delivering it by using most advanced methods like if we order our product from international it will be delivered to us by airplane or via ship. Which will take more days to deliver. It does not matter if it is a small or large product.

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