Prank you can do it at your school

Prank you can do it at your school

You may have this feeling, that school is one of the most important places that a person has in their life. You also feel the same about your school, and you want to do some pranks on your school, that gives a lot of fun to you, and not only to all the other students of the school as well. But you may not know about the pranks that you can pull on your school. The school is the best place, which will give you a lot of beautiful and happy memories that will always live with you. You may want that you don’t only have the typical type of school memories that every student has in their school. So today you are going to get to know about many pranks ideas, which you can do at your school. Your friend is going to be very happy because you are planning to do a prank on your home. 

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Tape the textbook

You may have your classmates, who sit beside you and if you want to do some pranks with your classmate then, this prank idea is going to be one of the best ideas that you can do with your classmates. You can buy the double tape online, just like you buy rakhi online. So what you can do with your classmates, you can take the textbook of your classmates, and after taking the textbook, you can just tape two pages of the textbook, which is the start of the chapter. You may be thinking, what type of impact these things are going to have on your classmates. So what is going to happen, your classmates will not be able to find the start of the chapter. Your classmates become tense because your classmates don’t get how the start of the chapter misses out from the book. So this tape of the classmate’s textbook is also a prank idea, which you can pull at your school. 

Glue in sharper 

Everyone knows this thing, that the classmates use each other in school, and sometimes they use the thing, by borrowing it from their classmates, or sometimes they just use it without even asking their classmates. So what you can do for doing the prank in school, you can take your sharper, and fill the sharper with glue, and after the glue gets to set the sharpener is not going to be used. So when your classmates use the sharpener, when it does not work properly, then your classmates become tense, because your classmates may think that the problem with your sharpener is because of her or him. So this glue in sharper is a prank that you can do at your school. 

Hand in ink 

If you want to do that type of prank that your classmates don’t forget in one day, but your classmates remember it for a long period, then you can go with this prank. So what you need to do, is you can just buy a box of ink from anywhere, and you will get it. You can get it from where as well, which you have used for sending gifts online. So after getting the ink box, you can keep it on your desk, and when your friend is busy doing other things, you can keep your friend’s hand or finger in the ink box. You may know that the ink marks don’t get removed easily. So this hand-in ink prank you can pull at your school if you want to do it there. 

Nail Polish in pencil 

You can do this prank, not only with your pencil but with your classmates’ pencils also. So what you can do, you can just color the tip of the pencil with nail polish, you can color the tip of the pencil with black or brown color of nail polish because that suits the pencil color perfectly. Your friend may become confused as to why the pencil is not working properly, even after it has sharpened perfectly. So this nail polish in pencil is a funny prank that you can do at your school. 

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You may be very happy because the thing that every student wants in their life, is that thing you are getting in your life. You get the idea of a prank, which you can do in your school, and have some fun in your school also. There are many prank ideas that you get from here, that you are going to love because this type of school prank idea is going to be a new experience giving, not only for you but for others too as well. So use these prank ideas and make the school life of your fill with fun.

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