Medical Treatments To Finance On Health Card

Indians often find it difficult to acquire affordable healthcare either due to lack of financing or as a result of limited access to advanced medical facilities. With the ever-increasing cost of treatment and hospitalisation, most individuals rely on their health insurance policies during their times of need. Still, such plans do not cover every medical procedure and may limit coverage to just the hospitalisation charges in some cases.

According to a 2018 report, India’s healthcare inflation is all set to double. Therefore, securing the necessary financial assistance remains a concern for many. Thankfully, the health card from Bajaj Finserv can alleviate many of these worries.

What is the Bajaj Finserv Digital Health EMI Network Card?

This particular card helps you fund various medical treatments and procedures, which your insurance policy may not cover. From cosmetic treatments to dentist appointments, you can utilise the health card to finance each one of them. The USP of this card is not only that it supports almost all forms of medical care but also that you can convert the expenses on this card into affordable EMIs.

Therefore, even the most expensive procedures or treatments can be easily availed without straining your finances.

What are some of the treatments and procedures that the card covers?

The Bajaj Finserv Digital Health EMI Network Card covers over 800 types of treatments, therapies and consultations. Here is an inclusive list of the same for better understanding and assessment – 

  • Diagnosis and diagnostic care
  • Vascular surgery
  • Bariatric or weight loss surgery
  • Stem-cell treatments
  • Maternity care
  • Respiratory illnesses
  • Oncology or cancer care
  • Cosmetic treatments, which include hair transplant, plastic surgeries and much more 
  • Fertility treatments, such as IVF and others
  • Treatment for musculoskeletal issues
  • Therapy related to urinary tract disorders
  • Gynaecological treatments
  • Ear-nose-throat or ENT consultations and treatment expenses
  • Homoeopathic therapies
  • Eye check-ups and vision-related surgeries

These are some of the options where cardholders can use their health cards to avail quality treatment without bearing immediate financial liability from the same.

Exclusive offers at select outlets

Apart from covering the cost of the treatments listed above, this card also provides a range of offers to users, ranging from discounts to free consultations. You can visit the official website to know more about the current offers. Check back frequently since the NBFC keeps updating these offers almost daily.

Moreover, cardholders also receive a personal accident cover worth Rs.1 lakh for one year, at no additional charges. Therefore, if you are involved in a severe accident during this period, you can avail this amount from the card provider to assist in your treatment and recovery.

Where can you avail treatment with a health card?

Health card users need to know that they can only avail treatment with these cards at select outlets or hospitals only, wherein the list is long and extends across over 5,500 partner healthcare institutions in 1,000+ cities. Before availing the card, you should, therefore, look for the Bajaj health card hospital list. This will help you determine where to seek treatment in the future when you want to take advantage of available card offers.

Additional features of the Health EMI Network Card

Apart from the conversion of your medical bills into EMIs, this card provides the following additional benefits as well – 

  • Coverage across India

With such a card in your pocket, you can seek medical treatment anywhere in India without needing to worry about expenses. All you need to do is visit a network hospital nearest to you. Therefore, even if you are a frequent traveller, this health care is just as useful in seeking the best quality treatments. The financing is not city or location-specific and can be availed anywhere within India. 

  • Reasonable joining fees

Interested individuals need only bear a minimal joining fee to become a member of the health card family. There are two variants of the card available to you, namely the Insta and the Non-Insta variant of the Health EMI Network Card. The first one ensures that you can start using the same as soon as your application is approved, while the latter takes some time to activate.

You can apply for the Insta variant at just Rs.589, and for the non-Insta variety, you would need to pay Rs.707 as a one-time fee.

  • Substantial spending limit

Since the card comes with a pre-approved limit, you can only seek treatment of up to a certain amount. Thankfully, the limit on these cards can be substantial. Existing Bajaj Finserv customers can look for up to four times the limit of their standard EMI card on this Health EMI Network Card.

For instance, if your EMI card’s limit is Rs.75,000, then you will receive a pre-sanctioned limit of up to Rs.3 lakh on your Digital Health EMI Network Card. It is more than enough for most types of therapies or medical procedures.

When you convert your bills into EMIs, you can also pick the tenor for repayment. You can choose to repay the sum in up to 24 equated monthly instalments. Therefore, you must apply for health care at the earliest to receive the necessary funding right away.

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