How to Solve Your Nails Fungal Problem?

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Whether the hand and toe nails are pampered or neglected, varies from person to person. Some clean them properly every week and some find it time-consuming and don’t give much care to it. Negligence of Hand and toenails can be dangerous as it may lead to infection as well. This common nail infection is observed due to the negligence of hygiene and can affect health. It causes the nail to crumble from the edges and leads to discolouration. 

In the case of mild ailments medication is not required, in severe cases, it causes thickening of nails, and about 10% of the adults undergo this condition. An excessive amount of fungus growth is hazardous for the body, and it should be taken care of with time. Sometimes other nail abnormalities can be confused with nail fungus, and the causes that lead to it are:

  • Hitting the gym or walking barefoot in damp/wet and communal areas.
  • Make use of common public swimming pools.
  • Visiting nail salons and using unsterilized instruments on nails. 
  • Our feet also need air to breathe, which is not possible in tight-fitting footwear. Excessive sweat accumulation can lead to foul-smelling foot.
  • Weak immune system also lowers the blood circulation.
  • If a family member deals with the same condition, the risk of others gaining the same condition due to coming in contact also increases.  

The visible signs of nail fungus include:

  • White or yellowish color of the nails.
  • The odd shape of nails in which the nail appears to be big than the normal size.
  • It’s challenging to locate debris in foot nails and leads to infection.
  • Ragged or crumbled nails are another symptom causing this infection.

 The best alternative to combat this infection is by using nail fungal infection cream India, which is pocket-friendly and won’t dig holes in the pockets. Initially, home remedies such as Tea Tree oil, Vicks VapoRub, etc. were adopted by people to cure it. With the passage of time, Ketoconazole, a reactive substance is the main element that kills the fungi and keeps away unwanted substances from entering the body.

The following measures should be taken to control the fungus during its initial stage before it gets complicated:

  • Wash hands at regular intervals, especially after coming from outside.
  • Trim nails short and keep them clean.
  • Manicure and pedicure must be done only with sanitized tools.
  • The use of nail lacquers and removers must be minimized. A good quality remover should be used.
  • Footwear used or worn regularly should be hygienic and must be appropriately washed with water.

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In case if the infection is visibly increasing use 
toenail fungus cream India. Before purchasing it, one must cross-check all the constituents as some of them might cause an allergy. If there is any itchiness, burning sensation, or redness on the skin, immediately consult a doctor. This cream has proven to do wonders for our skin by preventing the entry of the debris or dust particles in the toe or fingernails by forming a protective shield.

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