Hand Washing Tips in Corona Era: Soap or Sanitizer

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Everyone is troubled by the havoc of Coronavirus. Hand washing and using a sanitizer has become very important now. Hand washing has also become one of our habits. Not only this, now before going out anywhere, people definitely use sanitizer and masks. 

Although it is effective in protecting against infection, the hand sanitizer also has some disadvantages. When water and soap are not available, we use hand sanitizer.

This is the second-best way to clean the hidden bacteria in the hands and avoid infection. But, it is necessary to use hand sanitizer properly. America’s Center for Disease Control says that most people have no idea.

If alcohol-based sanitizer accidentally goes into the food pipe, it can cause poisoning. That is why it is important to keep it out of the reach of children. Apart from this, due to alcohol-based sanitizer, skin can also become dry and rough. Repeated use of it is not good for the skin. There is also a danger of fire from sanitizer. Using a sanitizer is prohibited from going near the fire immediately because its content contains alcohol, which can cause a fire hazard.

Some bacteria can also be eliminated by hands with the use of sanitizers. Although it is difficult to guess how much sanitizer is right and wrong, there are still some tips to tell you where to use sanitizer. But have you ever thought that excessive use of sanitizer can also put you in danger? So, hand washing with soap is better than sanitizer.

If your hands are looking too dirty, then the use of hand sanitizer is not right. If you have something like clay or oil on your hand, then avoid using hand sanitizer. Use soap and water only to clean your hands before and after eating food. If you are gardening or playing sports, then also use soap and water, not hand sanitizer. Apart from this, when coming home from outside, wash hands and mouth with soap and water rather than hand sanitizer.

Know how much is the risk of infection? (The Risk Of Infection)

The CDC published a study in the journal Emerging Infectious Diseases. This study said that people are hasty when using hand sanitizer. As such, they increase the risk of infection. When using hand sanitizers, sanitizers should not be applied only on hands; rather, they should clean their hands thoroughly with a sanitizer while rubbing their hands for a while.

Hand hygiene tips for the correct use of sanitizer

If soap and water are not available, then use a sanitizer containing 60 percent alcohol. Rub it on your hands for 30 seconds. 

Massage thoroughly with a sanitizer on your palms, the space between the fingers, the skin above the palms, and the skin around the nails.

Use a sanitizer on the hands of infants or very young children. If toddlers or school-going children want to use sanitizer, let them do so under their own supervision. Only those sanitizers that have high alcohol content will be able to cope with the Coronavirus. Commonly used soap is a much better option than a sanitizer.

Always keep the bottle of sanitizer away from the reach of your child and pets and in a high place.

Do not place your hands over your mouth after applying a sanitizer. This can be harmful.

Whenever using hand sanitizer, first take it on the palm of one hand, rub it with both hands, and spread it throughout the hand until the hands start feeling dry. With adequate use of sanitizer, the hands should be rubbed until the wetness of the sanitizer is gone. According to the CDC, sanitizers take 30 seconds to kill germs and bacteria.

If someone around you has any kind of infection, you should try to wash your hands repeatedly with soap instead of hand sanitizer. Also, always wear a mask in such a situation. If you are coming from a public place, wash your hands with soap. Even if someone around you has a cold and cold, it is important for you to use soap and water.

Experts say that hand sanitizers work well for certain types of germs. But if the hands are more beige and greasy, hand sanitizers cannot effectively show the effect.

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