Hair loss in women: Causes and Solution

The reasons for the unnatural loss of a woman’s hair (i.e. beyond the physiological number) may be different:: some of them are due to hereditary baldness, others to the various causes we will jointly research in this article dedicated to the female world.

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What causes hair loss in women?

The key reasons behind hair loss in women are here:


Hormones are one of the causes individuals lose their hair. It is a type of hair loss that affects both males and females (most of it is male-based) (androgenetic alopecia).

The variation in the effect of DHT (didrotestosterone) is, however, different in women. Instead of undergoing a real fall, the woman instead undergoes a general thinning on the entire head with loss of consistency and hair body that is no longer visible from a bald picture in the long run (the miniaturised hair).

This is natural, but the baldness pattern is often similar to the male one. It is graded by the scale of Ludwig.

2. Aging

It is common for a woman to lose a certain amount of hair capital with ageing on the scalp. The issue is that when an equivalent amount of growth does not replace the amount of hair that falls out, ageing inevitably occurs.

Some people who have better genetic hair can remain immune to this age-related loss.

3. Telogen effluvium

After extreme physical and mental stress, such as pregnancy, dramatic weight loss, surgery, cancer and many other diseases, it is a quick and abundant decline. Even if unique hair supplements help it heal more easily, it does not require special care.

4. Diseases

The onset of illness is one of the reasons that humans lose their hair. Hair loss in women due to a disease includes chemotherapy therapies that are known to cause hair loss in the most common cases..

5.Aggressive hair washing

SLS or other ingredients that are too aggressive for our hair are often used in the hair cleaners we buy in supermarkets and it would be advisable to try and use only gentle and non-aggressive skin products that are typical of slightly higher quality and cost.

6. Stress

Couldn’t one of the causes of hair loss in women also be our dear omnipresent stress? But sure then what to tell you as much as possible to stop it!

7.Excess of vitamin A

Too much vitamin A in your body is bad for your wellbeing, as the quote says. For our body and our hair, taking supplements or drugs with too much vitamin A is evil. Let’s look at an example: there are medicines that contain large doses of vitamin A, such as Accutane, which treats acne but has a hair loss side effect.

In addition to hair loss, the most recorded symptoms of a megadose of the vitamin are vomiting, dry skin, blurred vision and irritability. Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin that can build up in our body, and if taken continuously, can lead to overdose.

8. Environment 

The atmosphere in which we live obviously affects our general health and even that of our hair, and even living in a room with too much smoke harms them as it damages the rest of the body, so always look for a healthier life.

Excessive style:  Women are famous for their make-up and hairstyles. But overuse of various hairstyles may contribute to hair loss or shaft breakage. It may be dangerous to put too much heat, pressure and other substances on your hair. Oh, remember the ladies!

How to stop hair loss in women

When you experience more hair loss than normal, you generally get scared and panic. This will only exacerbate the situation. How to Fight Women’s Hair Loss?

The first move is to pay more attention to the amount of hair that has been lost. Am I more than usual? How long did this fall last? It is still in progress.

It is necessary to consult a specialised doctor if you find a continuing and persistent decline. Only a specialist would be able to recognise and probably relate the causes of loss to pathology.

Besides, a medicinal remedy sufficient for the condition may only be prescribed by a doctor. However, simple everyday acts can improve this situation.

Clearly, there may not be the same capacity for non-medical treatments or precautions as medicinal therapies, but they certainly help.

It is also important to note that there is no medicine in the world capable of reviving the bulb in the event of irreversible hair loss. If this is feasible, the only alternative will be hair transplantation.

Natural remedies for hair loss in women

In cases of temporary hair loss in women, natural treatments support and definitely do not have the same potential as drugs.

They’re not going to be able to avoid the loss of women’s hair, but they can help. Following these precautions against women’s hair loss even if you don’t have hair loss will help prevent hair loss in women.

Massage: Massaging the scalp for 5 minutes a day (circular and gentle movements) is necessary. It improves blood circulation and hair bulb nourishment, maintains healthy hair and induces its regrowth;

Styling, dyes and permanent treatments:  With too tight hairstyles repeated over time, too many colours, bleaching, straightening, perms and offensive hair products, stop stressing the hair as much as possible;

Essential Oils: Oils and essential oils alone are not enough to heal women’s hair loss, but they definitely help. Mint, rosemary, lemon or geranium essential oils can be used to help improve blood circulation and to prevent and stimulate the growth of impurities or infections.

Cosmetic products: An help to preserving safe and solid hair is to avoid aggressive hair washing and styling items as much as possible. This can cause hair damage. Yes, silicone, alcohol and paraffin products, as they slow down hair growth by obstructing the pores;

Daily actions: You should always have to gently brush and wash your hair, without pulling it or breaking it.

Sport: Physical exercise not only helps to relieve tension, it releases dirt collected in the pores of the skin by sweat. Washing would then remove sweat and dirt;

Diet and bad habits: avoiding smoking and alcohol and a balanced, nutritious and varied diet can help keep your hair healthy and prevent it from falling out. This definitely helps stop hair loss in women;


Therefore, hair loss in women can rely on several factors, but everything can be handled if you follow the correct direction and first determine what form of hair loss you are experiencing and if it is really a pathological fall.

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