Best Parental Control App for Android According To Market Experts

According to YouGov America, kids aged between 8-12 spend more than 2 hours on the internet. The kids aged between 12-15 say that they spend almost double their time on the internet most of that is on social media platforms. Despite the age restriction imposed by different online platforms, most of the kids set up their profiles earlier by giving false information. Excessive use of anything is bad and spending hours and hours on the internet causes many problems in the younger generation. Predators are always in an attempt to target teenagers and blackmail them or abduct them. Research indicates that almost 22% of teens login to their social media accounts more than 10 times a day. And 50% of them sign in to their devices once a day. Due to their immature age and less self-regulation, they are on the verge of falling prey to online abductors through their social accounts.

In June 2020, a 13-year-old girl was kidnapped by a 21-year-old boy who traveled to Texas to take that girl. Though he was traced and caught the girl remained missing for a couple of days and was sexually assaulted and tortured.
An 11-year old girl was missing in October 2019. She was in contact with two strangers on her social media account which she thought were her friends. But they were planning to abduct that girl and asked her to bring her passport and other important documents.

In March 2016, a 13-year-old girl in the U.S. ran away from her home with a stranger with whom she was in contact for about 2 months. The kidnaper took her and assaulted her physically and sexually. The girl was recovered after 4 days and it was investigated that the guy was a psychopath.

With an immense increase in such incidents, parent’s concern about their kids has also increased manifolds. They need some sort of super-spy app to protect their kids whether they are with them or not. According to market experts, the OgyMogy android spy app is one of the best apps that removes all the worries of parents regarding their children with its amazing features that are discussed below in detail.

The Best Live Screen Recorder any Parent Can Have

According to the market experts, this amazing super app provides you with one of the best screen recorders to limit your kid’s screen time and to watch their every activity in detail. OgyMogy gives live coverage of all those features that are screen-related and you can easily detect the activities of the target device.

A Location Tracker that Removes the Worries of a Single Mother

A location tracker provides you with the live location of your kid. You can catch a blackmailer if they intend to cause any damage to your kid. .If you have this beneficial app installed on your phone then you will be able to detect each move of your kid and track them whenever it is necessary through GPS systems.

Block Stranger Calls and Protect Your Kids

The amazing app enables a parent to block unnecessary calls on their child device. If a stranger is annoying your kid or harassing them, you can block them immediately.

A Keylogger to Keep a Strict Eye on Your Child

Through the best parental control app for android the OgyMogy, you will be able to see which characters and words are being typed on your kid’s device and how you can use this information in protecting them against devil-minded people and can save them from any accident.

Take Screenshots and Have Your Proofs Against an Abductor

A screenshot is the biggest proof of any case. According to the expert’s opinion, this app is the best among various other apps in providing quality screenshots with real dates and times which in case of any incident will help you as proof to save your child.

Although various types of spy apps are available in the market at present. But, reliability and amazing packages are the ultimate goals of any industry according to the market experts and OgyMogy is one of the most reliable parenting control apps that provides excellent features in terms of the safety and security of kids. (by George Thomas)

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