5 Reasons not to opt for an ADU Garage Conversion

ADU Remodeling

ADU garage conversions are not as simple as they seem to be. There are many surprise charges that may pop up during your ADU remodeling project. Especially if your garage is not structurally fit for this conversion.

Many ADU garage conversion projects fail simply because garages constructed to protect belongings, not for human accommodation. So, if you are considering this ADU remodeling on your garage, room, or cabinet, the following are some of the issues that may arise.

It is better to be aware of them beforehand. Stay tuned till the end.

The ADUs Garage Conversion

ADUs are the abbreviation for additional dwelling units. It’s commonly known as granny flats in the United States. The construction of ADUs first legally approved back in 2017. Allowing homeowners to utilize their current living space in the maximum way they can without investing in more properties.

There are multiple types of ADUs however, garage conversion ADU Remodeling is the most common; it is the process of converting your garage to an additional dwelling unit.

Just because ADUs can be constructed anywhere, it does not mean that every place is structurally sound to be converted to an additional living space. In this article, we will take a look at all the reasons. For instance why you must not opt for an ADU garage conversion. 

1.  Structural Inconsistencies

Many people find that their garage is not structurally sound to support human accommodation, It may be at risk of falling on the people living under it.

It is also common to notice that the ADUs footings, no matter of the best quality, at times are unable to hold a second story. Lastly, do not be surprised to find that your ADU may be installed at a place where water can easily intrude.

Make sure you check the structural stability of your garage before the conversion.

2.  You may find an additional layer of asbestos that will need to be moved

At times, during the garage conversion, additional asbestos layers can discover which you may need to move or remove. It is important that you timely analyze this before it is too late or the conversion process is a long way ahead already.

3.  You might find common sewer lines

Finding share utilities with your neighbors is another or issue that many people face during ADU garage conversions. You may find a common sewer line with your next-door neighbors and for proper conversion, you may first need to update your current utilities.

4.  Problems with energy-efficient insulation systems

During the ADU garage conversion, you may find that the walls do not provide the needed insulation because they were not constructed to support a living space. You will need to invest in additional insulating layers to make the place warm.

However, many people make the mistake of keeping the concrete slabs in place. Concrete does not provide proper insulation and hence, the living space would remain cold no matter what.

5.  Problems with the design guidelines

The exact design guidelines that you will follow for your garage conversion project will determine by your area of residence. You might need to use the additional square foot to properly execute the conversion. However, the design guidelines will need to adjust accordingly so that they align with your primary residence.

If you live in an old area, you may not have permission to make any modifications. Certain areas, by law, require that you must keep the two walls in place. While in other areas, you may not be allowed to toggle with the structure at all.

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