Personal Loan vs. Flexi Hybrid Loan – Which one is Better Option in Online?

Loans and dreams are synonymous. While a dream is priceless, to make it possible, you need real money. However, with so many loans around, it can be difficult to choose the right one during times of need. Read this article to find out the differences between quick personal loans and Flexi-hybrid loans. 

What is a Quick Personal Loan?

A quick or instant personal loan requires no more than ten minutes to apply. Personal loan apps take the convenience one step further, as you can apply for an online personal loan from your home, at a date, place, and time of your choice.  

What is a Flexi-Hybrid Loan?

A Flexi-hybrid loan is a special type of personal loan that allows you the flexibility to withdraw the loan amount in part, just when you need it. Unlike a quick personal loan, which gives you the entire loan amount upfront, a Flexi-hybrid loan allows you to withdraw any amount within the loan or credit limit as sanctioned by the lender and pay interest on the withdrawn amount.

What Makes a Quick Personal Loan Different From a Flexi-Hybrid Loan?

Feature Quick Personal Loan Flexi-Hybrid Loan
Loan Approval A personal loan grants the entire loan amount at one go. This option is better when you require lump sum funds to meet urgent needs. A quick personal loan may suit you more if you require funds for a wedding, paying admission fees, or medical bills.    A Flexi-hybrid loan allows you to avail the amount you need periodically. This can help you in meeting regular and periodic expenses like motor vehicle EMI, home repair EMI, monthly tuition fees, and the likes.
Loan Repayment A personal loan app informs your personal loan EMIs in advance. It helps you to decide your monthly expenditure accordingly. Generally, you can get up to 60 months for repayment. A Flexi-hybrid loan calculates the EMI on the loan you take. You can also make prepayments as per fund availability. While it offers flexibility, it may make planning your finances difficult.
Loan Disbursal With a quick personal loan, you get the entire loan amount in your bank account as soon as the loan gets approved. As you can avail part-disbursal, you need to visit the online account and place withdrawal requests as many times as you require the funds. 
Loan Interest A quick personal loan combines the interest and principal component of your loan and calculates the EMI, which remains the same throughout the loan tenure. A Flexi-hybrid loan provides you with the option to pay interest-only EMIs. While this may reduce your monthly outgo, your EMI will increase when you start paying the principal.
Loan Application An online loan app can make the application process simple and straight-forward. You need to upload a few documents, complete the formalities online, and receive the amount in your bank account. While the process is almost the same as a quick personal loan, availing a Flexi-hybrid loan may require you to revisit your account time and again to check the repayment liabilities. You will also be liable to upload new documents if the government brings in any changes in the application process. 


An online loan app makes the loan application process more convenient, simple, and cost-effective. It takes away the need to visit the lender multiple times for getting the loan approved. Moreover, you can get app-exclusive offers and discounts that can make a quick personal loan even more cost-effective.

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