Steps To Master The Art Of Storytelling In Essay Writing

Many academic writings may need you to write essays based on the art of storytelling. If you are someone who keeps on asking and requesting friends to “write my essay,” you need to go through this article to understand how to write storytelling essays. The form of essays in which you have to include storytelling is known as the narrative essay. 

Narrative essays are written to give arguments by giving examples of personal experiences and storytelling. 

We provide a list of steps that will help you “write my essay” without requesting your friends and teachers.

Spend time in research

One of the best ways to write narrative essays or essays based on storytelling is doing the research. Students need to go through lots of examples of storytelling essays. Thus, instead of complaining and whining to your parents about how to “do my coursework” and complete the essay writing, start going through lots of samples of storytelling essays to get an in-depth understanding. 

Coming-of-age story

No matter what age you are, the storytelling part of essay writing will need you to write essays irrespective of your age. This means you have to write your personal experiences and life lessons so that people can learn something out of your essay. 

Weightage to details

One of the most significant parts you need to understand while writing narrative essays is to emphasize details. Try to explain every little aspect in a detailed format. You don’t need to include many elements in the essay, but make sure to give details about each element in the storytelling essay. You can also include a few dialogues among characters in the essay to give better readability to your essay. 

Find the antagonist

You may find this almost impossible to find an antagonist in an essay, but this is possible if you are writing a storytelling essay. The antagonist does not need to be a person; it can be a place, behavior, particular incident, social norm, conditions, or anything else. Antagonist basically means the essential point around which the story revolves. When you are writing an essay based on storytelling, you need to show the tension between the antagonist and the protagonist so that readers can engage with your essays.

Play with language

Unlike the usual essays in which you are tied with norms, under the storytelling essays, you can be created with your language. Try to use lots of adjectives and adverbs in the essay. Your major goal should be to paint a vivid picture in front of the readers. For example, instead of writing that the market was crowded, try to paint a picture so that readers can imagine the market scenery in their mind.

Most students don’t like to write their essays. They ask their parents, friends, and tutors to do my coursework. But, if you pay attention to all these steps, writing storytelling essays can be a piece of cake for you. You can also hire an essay writing agency to write professional quality essays on your behalf. Let us know if you want to get more details about storytelling essays.

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