Resources in Data science to learn

Online Education

Due to rapid technological advances,a massive amount of data is being generated daily. Following are the online resources

📍Harvard University Data Science Certificate

covers several facets under Data Science, including Data Sampling, Data Management, Data Analysis, prediction, and the communication of results.

📍. Simplilearn Post Graduate Program in Data Science

With online training, this PG program sets learners on the fast-track to becoming a professional data scientist

📍. Code with Google – Applied Computing Series

Learners can sign up for the Machine Learning Crash Course to access video lectures, case studies, and practice exercises. Another track, Learn with Google AI,

📍California Institute of Technology Learning From Data Course

Delivered as a series of video lectures by professor Yaser Abu-Mostafa covers many topics, including algorithms, basic theory, and applications, and features Q&A

📍Master of Information and Data Science (MIDS) at UC Berkeley School of Information

This Data Science online course targets professionals who are looking to use complex data to solve problems with an emphasis on asking the right questions


Codementor offers tutorials for beginners

📍. Topcoder

This website offers tutorials that discuss the various concepts involved in Data Science and real-world information

📍 Analytics Vidhya

Here, learners will find a comprehensive tutorial for learning Data Science with R,


tutorials covering everything from the processes of Data Science to how to get started with Data Visualization. Others are R-bloggers, the flowing data, open source data science masters, learn D’s by nborwanker, data science weekly, 538, simple statistics,int con on ML, Reddit

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