How will Gradeup Help You Prepare for JEE Main March 2021 & JEE Advanced 2021 – Everyone Must Know

How will Gradeup Help You Prepare for JEE Main March 2021 & JEE Advanced 2021

One phase of JEE Main 2021 is over & we are approaching the second phase which is just a week away. JEE Main 2021 March session will be conducted from 15th-18th March. First day of the exam is usually reserved for B. Arch & B. Planning, i.e Paper 2. Exam for B.Tech, i.e Paper 1 will be conducted from 16th-18th March in 2 slots each day. Admit Cards for March session is still not released, it will be released by 11th March as per different sources.

Result for the February session was released on 8th March, hoping everyone of you performed as you desired, if not there are still 3 more chances for you to improve your score. Most important step for each candidate is to plan future attempts carefully. Learning from the mistakes of previous held attempt is of utmost importance. In this article, we will help you in planning the right strategy for JEE Main 2021 March attempt & how we at Gradeup can help you prepare the right way & take you closer to your maximum potential.

How to Improve in the Next Session?

Result & Answer key for the February session is out, now you know exactly what mistakes you made & what are the key areas that you need to improve on in the next phase. 

Write it down in pointers, chapter names, subtopics, other factors like time management, over ambitious attitude in the exam hall, negative marking. Attempt 3-4 marks and try to work on these aspects, if you would be able to conquer these mistakes, your score will at least move up by 20-30 marks. 

What To Focus on in the Last Few Days?

Focus should be on revising through attempting mocks. Attempt at least 2 mocks a day, make an error sheet mentioning the mistakes that you have been doing. Then, revise that particular concept through your notes. Work on your temperament, most of the aspirants always score less than what they can just because of not choosing the right questions to attempt. Practice skipping the questions that you find time confusing in the first look. So that you don’t waste your time in time taking questions on the D-day.

How Gradeup Can Help You in Preparing for JEE Main future Attempts & JEE Advanced 2021?

Gradeup has always been a constant guide for JEE aspirants over the years, our results speak for itself. We are helping aspirants through our Free Youtube classes on Gradeup JEE Channel, daily free live classes & free quizzes on Gradeup App, various specially designed Live Crash Courses & a lot more. 

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Just like the February session, we will be coming with a lot of useful free lectures for March attempt on both our YT channel & Gradeup App, don’t forget to miss them. 

Attaching links of some useful sessions that you should watch before the March attempt.

Gradeup wishes all JEE (Main) 2021 February rankers all the best for future plans and hope that they keep the momentum going during the preparation for JEE Main 2021 future sessions and JEE Advanced 2021.

Gradeup has been a continuous guide and mentor for JEE aspirants. For guiding you through these last crucial days of preparation, Gradeup offers Live Classroom programs.

Make yourself exam ready in the best way possible for JEE Main future sessions and JEE Advanced with our new courses.

  • Attempting the Paper– Be calm and composed. Do not panic. Be confident and optimistic. Read the questions carefully. Attempt the easy questions first, for which you are quite confident about the answer. Time Management is extremely important. So, while practicing, keep a timer with you and check whether you are taking too much time to solve a question.

Most students prefer doing Chemistry first, then Maths and physics at the end. Choose sequence according to your own discretion. Don’t spend too much time on a particular question. Mark and save them for later.

  • Health Tips– Take breaks. Take time to de-stress. Do some recreational activities, include some stress buster in your routine like small walks, some sports, etc. Know your limitations when to stop staining your brains.

Eat a balanced diet to avoid any disease and have a proper sleep schedule. Stick to a routine. Sudden changes or back to back changes can harm your mental health. It is okay to be nervous. 

Everyone goes through the same. Just relax.

All The Best

Team Gradeup

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