A lesson on discrimination

Last night I watched the documentary where teacher of kindergarten used the class dividend method to expose the drastic effect of discrimination. So in a class she treated students differently based on their eye colour.

The blue eyed people were given preference over brown eyed people. And to her surprise grades of blue eyed pupils were accelerated while on other hand she observed immense amount of inferiority in brown eyed scholars. On other day she followed the same exercise but took a twist. Now brown eyed students were superior to blue eyed one.

Their arose the sense of confusion and hatred and anxiety among students as they were looked down upon by brown eyed people so on other day teacher revealed the purpose behind this uncovering the reality of USA. So what I conclude now is when a person is given transcendence they felt superior than others. As students were paid attention and found it right to treat others on how they wanted and people who are prey to inferiority complex dont find confidence even they are doing best as get confused and there is black last in self fulfilling prophecy. We dont give a second to judge others based on their appearance without even perceiving their inner self. We assume to do things right which we think they should be.we say we should not judge other but we do judge and prejudice because we dont want to accept indifference. We just don’t accept and have patience level. Instead of first listening to them we look down upon others. So we should put ourselves in place of others before doing so
That’s the journey from hopelessness to a happy society
Our thinking and attitude can disable the thinking and attitude of others. Taking this class example to a world level every individual has his/her own identity and dignity which no one has authority to diminish. From eye colour to a whole person, black or white, adult or teenage, event tiny creature of earth to giant one everyone is to obey the laws of universe as it gives u want u demand with your actions. Try it to be with good deeds

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