100 Days Master Plan To Get 99+Percentile in CAT 2021

As we all know that the most anticipated MBA entrance exam, CAT 2021, is scheduled to happen on 28 November 2021, it is almost 100 days to D-day. CAT is the most awaited MBA exam that occurs once in a year and is a gateway to the 20 IIMs and several other top B-schools in India. It is thus very important for the aspirants to prepare a CAT 2021 Study plan.

Since it is 100 days to the exam, a lot of people are now starting their preparations for the CAT exam and aim to get the college of their dreams. To help you all, experts empanelled with Gradeup have created a CAT 2021 Strategy or master plan to score 99+ percentile in the upcoming CAT 2021 exam. Not to forget, CAT Time Management is something you need to work on yourself.

Talking about the CAT exam pattern, the following things are to be kept in mind:

  • CAT 2021 will be a 2-hour exam
  • CAT 2021 will be conducted in 3 shifts
  • Each section in CAT 2021 (for all shifts) will be of 40 minutes
  • The order of sections will be VARC > LRDI > QA
  • The expected number of questions from each section of the CAT 2021 is as follows:
    • VARC – 26 Questions
    • LRDI – 24 Questions
    • QA – 26 Questions

What to study for CAT 2021?

To have a better understanding of what exactly should you study, go through the following section-wise topics and tips of what things you need to pick up if you aim to score 99+ percentile in CAT 2021


  • Time to analyse and read from RC perspective
  • Understand the tone of the people talking around you so that you look at the world from their point of view (basically trying to understand the exact message speaker is trying to convey)
  • Try to understand the context of the things you read
  • Practise verbal ability regularly (that too without options)


  • Practise is the key
  • George summers puzzle is the best thing you can do to prepare this section of CAT 2021
  • Solve previous year CAT papers


  • Cover the basics of every topic
  • Arithmetic and Algebra are some topics from which most questions are asked
    (seeing previous year trend)

How to study for CAT 2021?

Candidates have a big question “How to study for CAT?”. Follow the methods said below and no one can stop you from scoring 99+ percentile in CAT 2021.


  • Check RC passages
  • Identifying and learning tricks to solve Para Jumbles, Para Completion and Odd-One Out as quickly as possible


  • It is very important to understand ‘from where to start
  • Analysing each statement is also very important
  • Understanding the thought process behind choosing each statement in a set of questions is essential
  • Try to identify the weak links from which all statement are connected
  • Identify your strong and weak topics and work for them accordingly
  • You must learn to leave a set of LRDI for which you are not sure of


  • Figure out the alternate way to do the questions, using tricks
  • Avoid silly mistakes

When to study for CAT 2021?

A simple one line answer to this is

Whenever You CAN..As Much As You CAN

  • Make a month-wise target for topics
  • Try to complete your syllabus latest by September
  • It is not necessary to give multiple mocks, analysing those mocks is more important to see your weaknesses and work on them
  • You must entertain your mind as well so that it does not become monotonous. As it is well said All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

Can one crack CAT 2021 if starting NOW?

Again a simple answer to this question is

You know the best answer for this..

A simple self-analysis will give you the answer whether or not you can crack CAT 2021. This can be done by attempting a few mocks and seeing your level of preparation. 

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