Ecommerce future

E-commerce is the activity of electronically buying or selling of products on online services or over the Internet

E-commerce is altogether a different phenomenon which demands careful attention and proper understanding if any individual or nation is interested to become a part of this global project. Unfortunately, in Pakistan academic institutions and research centers are yet to explore the potential, dynamics, challenges and future prospects of digital world where economy has become an activity independent of time and location.

Let us introduce you with tangible some contributions of Mr. Sunny Ali. It needs to be understood at the very outset that the 21st century demands more skills and technical knowledge than ever before to excel in the globalized world. 

Extreme Commerce chiefly focuses on training of young Pakistanis who intend to become a part of E-commerce. Mr. Ali believes in professionalism therefore he has institutionalized all the aspects of training so that any student who wants to become a part of it does not face any technical challenge.

Mr. Ali spends much of his time while interacting with young, innovative Pakistanis who have potential to change the fate of this country. He has created specific platform as a group over Facebook and WhatsApp where he frequently interacts with students to share knowledge with them. He also inspires them to think bigger and earn more.  The Facebook group has 33,000+ active members as of today (July 2019).

The platform has become a complete Eco-System, both his students and free members of this group are getting following benefits;

  • Job Opportunities
  • Service provider hub
  • Partnerships deals
  • Grooming business acumen
  • Networking with like-minded people