How Year 2020 boosted the Indian Digital Gaming Market?

The year 2020 has not been a successful year for the whole world with Corona Virus pandemic spreading its wing all over the globe. Not only pandemic but situations like floods, landslides, and wildfires have been a steady contributing factor to remain inside our homes and live a virtual life. 

Covid necessary quarantine for 14 days has been termed as ‘virtual life’ by people all over the world. traveling from north to south or from west to east.  With such a huge world journey what can one wandered do in a four-walled bedroom with restrictions such as not going out, meeting people, or even having a handshake and chat with another person?

The basic and simple answer is gaming. 

People during the 2020 lockdown have turned to online gaming forcing the offline business to step up their game and establish their presence online.

Gaming has turned the world upside down with having more of virtual interactions rather than meeting people in person. With over 630 million people interesting and investing in gaming, India has become the launch pad for gaming sectors to skill up and start investments and production in Indian Digital Industrial Sectors.

India is a young country with 70% of its population termed a young and below the age of 45 makes the country the prime location for gaming startups to provide their original concept to the viewers. 

India post News Service during a conversation with several game developers caught a  glimpse of what could be the potential platforms for gaming.

Are PS5, Xbox, or PC games the only way to promote games? NO. Earlier platforms likes mobile games were not considered as brilliant in terms of graphics and gameplay but with the massive revolution going on in the mobile gaming industry producing games such as PUBG, Fortnite or Clash of clans, Mobile gaming has kept its share and hold in the Indian Market.

Factors such as cheaper internet and the availability of smartphones have allowed the gaming giants to invest their time and money in India. 

Indians being attached to their culture and folk tales have continuously demanded to have localized content represented in the digital world.  Industries have been keen to understand the concept of real money games or games which helps people win real virtual cash. Several development projects such as Teen Patti, Jungle Rummy, and more have been provided to the Indian Audience to try their luck and win if they can.

Indian game developers have also been engaged in taking up projects which require multiple local languages to be incorporated to bring more audience to their platform. In one such interaction with India post newspaper, Ranjana Adhikari, co-head of media entertainment & gaming  mentioned how there has been a 25% increase in traffic in online gaming during the lockdown.’ 

Not only gaming but India has moved to online in almost every platform from grocery to gaming and haircuts to Supreme Court hearings!

Has the Indian game developers reached out to the globe or are still struggling to break out in the virtual world? 

Indiapost reached out to Indian Game Developers and asked if they were able to gain the prospect and the idea of gaming Outside India? Out of all what struck us the most was the local content which was further promoted by the Indian American brethren residing in the United States of America.

Currently, the US is in the phase of highly affected Coronavirus cases which thrashed their economy but boosted up the sales for Indian Game Developers.  Indian traditional games have received a high boost in their sales especially after the Howdy Modi Event. Indian Americans have been fond of playing games which reminds them of their motherland. 

Currently Indiapost’s publisher Dr. Romesh Japra who has held several large scale events with the likes of respectable Bollywood personalities such as Amitabh Bachchan, Dev Anand, Vivek Oberoi, Kangana Ranaut etc under the banner of Festival Of Globe, has been in touch with several US election candidates especially Indian Americans like Ritesh Tandon, who have been highly interested in bringing the Indian Digital Market to the bigger picture by the establishment of ‘A4HGaming’ which could produce several digital contents based on the choices of the Indian American people. 

The power-packed gaming industry both in the United States or India has every potential to develop into a worldwide industry with humungous revenue generation if played responsibly. It is necessary for the game creators to educate its audience about how they can stop themselves from gaming addiction and play responsibly and do not fell into traps by Hackers. 

With self-regulation, introspection, and Understanding the digital world can take over the real world and establish itself as a parallel universe where one could easily interact halfway across the world without any interruption during such phases of lockdown and quarantines.

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