How to Get Started with Internet Marketing?

internet marketing

A few basic steps that will help you achieve the desired effect from the implementation of such a modern tool for company development as Internet marketing.

Define Your Internet Marketing Goals

Answer the question: “Why do I need internet marketing?” Here are the tasks that a business seeks to solve using this tool.

Why do companies start doing internet marketing:

  • to increase sales
  • get contacts of new customers (leads)
  • increase brand awareness;
  • increase customer return;
  • communicate with the client where it is convenient for the latter, etc.

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Check and prepare your site

A website is the first thing to tidy up if you intend to do internet marketing. If you attract customers to an outdated, unsympathetic, or inconvenient site, you will most likely waste your ad budgets.

Checklist of a quality website:

● there are contacts, prices, address, description of your activity;

● there is a unique selling proposition (USP): what sets you apart from competitors (for example, you work around the clock or organize free shipping);

● there is a call to action: you push the user to contact your company or offer to call back using the “call back” function;

● the text and images on the site are unique and answer the questions of potential customers;

● the site is optimized for search engines (SEO-optimization) and mobile devices;

● a web analytics system (Yandex Metrics, Google Analytics) is connected to the resource. You or your marketer regularly check traffic sources, the achievement of targeted actions, and the demographic characteristics of visitors.

Drive paid traffic

You analyzed your site, made changes, connected widgets, but the number of visitors and sales for some reason did not increase. The reason is that no one will see your site without ads, and SEO Services is a long and expensive process for small companies. Try Paid Traffic: Start attracting website visitors with online advertisements. For example, we use contextual advertising and targeted advertising to attract potential customers to the site.

Contextual advertising is advertising that depends on the interests of users. Unlike traditional advertising, it is unobtrusive and appears in front of the user only when of interest in the topic. How does it work?

Search Ads

Let Seryozha want to prepare for the exam. He logs into Yandex, types “exam preparation,” and sees an advertisement for courses. He clicks on this ad, the owners of the training courses pay the CPC, and Seryozha leaves a request on the website.

Advertising in networks

Masha wants to prepare for the Unified State Exam, but does not click on the courses’ advertising, but reads articles on how to distribute the load during preparation and what to do to not worry about the exam. Yandex understands that Masha is interested in preparing for the Unified State Exam and is “catching up” with her advertising courses in the networks.

The main difference between search and networks is in the “warmth” of the audience: in search advertising, the user is looking for a solution to a specific problem. Advertising in networks “catches up” with a user who was interested in a certain topic. Therefore, conversion from networks is usually lower than from search, but the application’s cost is also cheaper.

Targeted ads allow you to show your ads to a specific audience. For example, women from St. Petersburg 18-22 years old are interested in dancing or Japanese poetry lovers. Targeted advertising can be configured in the social media ad account. Think about who your target audience is, who would be interested in your offer, and create an ad.

Analyze the results

If you invest in advertising, be sure to keep track of your investments! Such analytics, with the help of a webmaster, can be configured in Yandex Metrika. To track requests in this service, you need to set up a JavaScript event type target that occurs when filling out forms on your website or clicking on the submit request button. It is essential that such events are configured for your users’ targeted actions, so contact your website developer or webmaster for this task.

Optimize your ads

You set a goal for yourself, prepared a website, launched an ad, and analyzed it. What to do next? Find weak points, optimize your ad campaign, and start over.

If you’ve run ads, answer the following questions:

● What key phrases/platforms generated the most applications in contextual advertising?

● Which ads/audiences generated the most bids in targeted ads:?

● What key phrases/platforms/ads/audiences received the most clicks, but no applications?

● How much did an application from contextual advertising cost? How much with targeted?

Turn off ineffective keywords, platforms, ads, and audiences and increase your bids for effective ones.

Stay on course

Remember what you started with internet marketing for and measure your progress against your goals. Do you want to increase your sales? Count how many you made them online, not reach, likes, or conversions.

“Eat the elephant bit by bit.”

Write a detailed plan for conquering the Internet: “probe” the demand using Yandex’s test advertising campaigns. Direct, then add Google, then social networks. Taking it all at once and succeeding is impossible, and clear sequence and incremental improvements will relieve you of the fear of big change.

Analyze your actions

Internet marketers say analytics need to be tweaked before you even launch ad campaigns. Investing money in advertising and not knowing where they are going means ignoring the possibilities of Internet marketing and wasting the budget.

Trust your routine to services

The interest of entrepreneurs in Internet marketing has spawned many services that help to spend less time on routine tasks. Making a website, composing a beautiful letter, creating and analyzing an advertising campaign – all these things today take very little time and do not require specialists’ participation.

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