2020 or not: Top class virtual graduation ceremony ideas worth celebrating

virtual graduation ceremony

Congratulations! You did it! You’ve graduated! And, you want to celebrate! And you can!

When someone graduates (high school, college, university, med school, etc.), it is a big achievement. They have made it, with the grades, toil, hard work, and sweat. They have completed a round of business education.

If they have another round of education to complete, then they can do so if they desire to. One reward of graduation is a get-together with loved ones, friends and batch mates. Students taking part in a grand procession to collect the long-awaited degree is a compulsory tradition.

2020 is a different year. Students will get their degree. However, the grand processions won’t happen. Ceremonies are on hold so the COVID-19 can be countered. This however doesn’t mean that graduation this year went blank. It is still possible to celebrate a graduate’s hard work whilst maintaining safe social distance. All of this that can be done without having to be at either the school gym or the stadium.

With no ceremony in sight nor a crowd, virtual graduation ceremonies are the best option. Here are some really good ideas students can use to celebrate their graduation with zeal and happiness.

Organizing a lively video party

A virtual graduation ceremony is not bad. It is good. This creates the chance to be with friends and family for a joyful celebration.A virtual graduation ceremony is the chance to gather with friends and family. This is done online to continue the tradition of joyful celebrations.

Thanks to advances made in the technology of video chats, holding a Virtual Graduation Ceremony becomes possible. It is possible to have a gleeful gathering in virtual terms.A Zoom call in honor of the graduate is a must. A virtual toast online is a precursor to the mandatory celebrations for the graduate’s achievement.

Graduates should be told that everyone is proud of them. They should be congratulated and be offered wisdom during celebrations. For added impact, keeping the time and date of the call a surprise for the graduate works well. A surprise graduation party is another good idea for a virtual graduation ceremony. This is as close as they can get to get their graduation celebrated joyfully.

Why is this a great idea? Because they cannot go anywhere else and it is easy to pull off such a surprise.

Other than that, remote video calls allow relatives and friends living far away to participate.

Making their own video gift

If students cannot find a time that works for everyone in their circle, they can go for Tribute. A person here invites others for recording a brief video message. It can be edited to create something touching.Students do not need to worry if they are not film-editing experts. Why? Because according to Tribute’s reviewers:

The app’s has an easy interface. Users can compile videos without any mistake .Planning on sending a quick Venmo or Cashapp as a gift is made possible through GiftCast. It is a Facebook messenger app that allows users to give money and a video message. It is no doubt a pleasant and virtual way of giving graduates a gift for their achievement and graduation.

Making a collection of their favorite photos and memories using a personal Bluetooth printer

Personal Bluetooth Printers have some advantages over using a regular printer; getting photo paper and sidestepping ink cartridges.

The HP Sprocket 200 Printer is a great option. It provides prints with a sticky back, to be ready for use as a sticker.

It uses thermal technology to print pictures hence no one needs to worry about ink cartridges ever again.

Those who like the vintage vibes, can go for a Fujifilm Instax SHARE SP-2.

It helps polaroids on demand. However, pictures printed using this do not come with a sticky back.

No need to use tape or glue. The pictures printed can be pasted on the wall, on the cabinets, or elsewhere.

If used on Card stock, writing a quote or a brief story helps explain what it means to them.

The best part is that graduates can do this together with their friends and loved ones. They can also do it using Google hangouts and Zoom.

Graduates sharing these pictures with their friends add to the joy of graduation. Having a laugh about good memories adds to the joy of the Virtual Graduation Ceremony.

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