Oreilly Auto Parts Growth and Business Facts

O’Reilly Auto Parts

Starting from a single store in 1957, O’Reilly auto parts now has more than 5400 stores in the US and 21 stores in Mexico including the distribution centres. This is a crazy transition and a perfect example that hard work pays off.

O’Reilly Auto Parts Stores in Mexico including the distribution centres

In 1957 Charles H O’Reilly Along with his father Michael Bryn O’Reilly set the foundation of O’Reilly auto parts in Springfield Missouri and named it as “O’Reilly Automotive Inc.” O’Reilly auto parts is a retail business that provides and supplies afterparts, tools and accessories of cars and trucks nationally and internationally. They initially had one store and with time they acquired, merged and bought different other auto parts businesses to grow market share. Now they are one of the market leaders and dominant retailers in automotive supplies. Back then they started with a single store and 13 employs in Springfield Missouri. Their first full year sales volume was $700,000. Now they earn revenue of $10.15 billion yearly and have a net worth of $10.72 billion and 82484 employees are working for O’Reilly automotive.

Check out this huge number of O’Reilly stores in some famous states given in table below:

States No. Of stores
Alaska 15
Hawaii Washington 13
Washington 158
New York 19
Arizona 140
Illinois 213
New Mexico 60
Texas 739
Kansas 85
Colorado   107
Georgia 219
California 556
Kentucky 103
Ohio 208
Hello Indiana 153
Michigan 175
Minnesota 125
Oklahoma 123
Florida 240
N Carolina 188

O’Reilly Auto Parts Growth and Strategies

The mission statement of O’Reilly auto parts says that with a right combination of price and good quality with best service we can be the dominant supplier in the auto parts  industry. O’Reilly auto part transitioned from one store into a multi-billion business with more than  5400 stores in the United States and 21 stores in Mexico. This journey is paved by the tireless efforts of founders, devoted  team members, efficient  staff and correct strategies because there is no free lunch. They have used business strategies like cost Leadership by applying correct prices to products, differentiation by providing best service and quality products. And growth strategies such as market penetration by adding to the number of stores at different locations, market expansion, product expansion by supplying accessories and tools, acquisition of other businesses and mergers.

This growth chart tells us the sales of auto parts of O’Reilly during the four quarters of different years and shows how they have survived through things.

O’Reilly Auto Parts Strategies

O’Reilly is now a dominant market leader and the secret is their competitive advantage that differentiates them from their competitors and provides an edge to earn better profits. Competitive advantages of O’Reilly are supreme customer service, talented employees, effective distribution centres, leadership of experienced management. O’Reilly’s culture is commitment to both customers and employees.

Charles H O’Reilly was of the idea that customers are gods and whatever they say is right, our prime purpose is to serve the best service to them and give them the best product experience. They believe that the secret to success of O’Reilly auto parts is the company’s family culture. They say that we work here as a team, as a family. Every staff member works with sincerity and devotion. The late  father of Charles H O’Reilly used to say that we take care of our employees so that they take care of our customers and company. Our dedicated and loyal staff is all that matters in the journey of success of O’Reilly auto parts. The staff, owners, employees have worked their ass off to earn this prosperity.

However, the market share gained by O’Reilly is due to extensive acquisition and mergers with other companies that add into a number of stores and distribution centres and make them major suppliers. Besides, this is the reason for increasing sales every year. Aggressive addition of new stores is one of their growth strategies. Also Offering company shares in the stock market brought stability to this growth. O’Reilly merged with Hi/Lo auto supply, purchased Midstate automotive distribution Inc., Midwest automotive distributors, auto part business of VIP parts, acquired Florida based Bennett auto supply, Bond auto parts, Mayasa auto parts and many others.

Marketing mix

This includes product, price, place and promotion. Marketing mix of O’Reilly auto parts is given below:

O’Reilly auto parts (product and purchasing)

They provide automotive parts, tools, accessories and equipment with correct prices that is the reason their sales are growing each year. A correct pricing strategy saves the business reputation and revenue because it plays with the psyche of customers that good products do not come at cheap prices. The parts and accessories that they supply include:

Engine parts, fuel pumps, water pumps, custom hydraulic hoses, manufactured automotive parts, alternators, batteries, driveline parts, engine parts, brake components and other accessories like seat covers and etc.

Stores (distributions)

Currently O’Reilly auto parts has more than 5400 stores in 47 states of the United States including Hawaii and 21 stores in Mexico that also include O’Reilly’s distribution centres. During this pandemic Covid’19, they are offering online purchasing and home delivery.

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Locations (place)

O’Reilly auto parts provide service in densely populated areas as well as in less populated areas because O’Reilly stores attract their own traffic rather than just lying on traffic attracted by other stores. They have stores in and out of the United States and Mexico.

Promotion and marketing

O’Reilly auto parts use an integrated marketing communication or method in which they promote and market their products through TV, radio, newspaper, social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and etc. 

O’Reilly auto parts’ working hours

Their stores remain open from Monday to Sunday, also they are open for a few hours on public Holidays like Easter, Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve and etc.

Career in OReilly auto parts

O’Reilly auto parts is a multi-billion business. Everyone dreams of working for them because they provide promising careers. O’Reilly does not discriminate between sexes, gender, colour, race or nationality. They provide equal opportunities to male and female based on their competence, talent and abilities.

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