How to choose the right air filter bag?

air filter bag

Bag-type air filters can be installed in primary and intermediate impact filters. Different types of bag filters are available as Fiberglass filter bag, polyester filter cloth bags, etc. Bag-type filters are usually customized according to different business requirements. After explaining the exceptional conditions, and cost-adequacy, filter’s needs, special conditions, and cost-effectiveness, you know how many bags of bag filters are suitable.

Bag Air Filter

Before purchasing, we need to determine the total area of ​​the filter, so that we can determine how many bags are suitable.

Selection of bag air filter

1. Define your own filtering needs

First of all, it is recommended that everyone be clear about their filtration requirements, such as what type of filtration accuracy and filtration efficiency they require, and what type of filter bags can better meet their needs Huh. Given the current situation, many people blindly buy filter bags before realizing their needs.

It is easy to reason that purchased filter bags may not meet their needs. Filtration work is still not up to standard or filtration efficiency is delayed. Retreat from other production work. It is recommended that when you choose, you first define your needs, then compare the filter bag model, and then purchase different filter bags.

2. Clear and special filtering conditions

The second thing is the special filtering condition. Looking at the current situation, some manufacturers filter the environment to certain conditions or substances. For example, the temperature of the separating environment is generally high, so it is normal to select a filter bag that can withstand high-temperature filtration work.

If the filter material has a certain corrosion, then you need to buy a filter bag with strong anti-corrosion properties.

Some work better with nylon filter bags, and some stress overwork with electroplating. Filter bags are more successful, so it is insightful to pick diverse filter bags for various separating circumstances.

3. Select filter bag with high-cost performance

when choosing a filter bag, it is also important to choose a filter bag with high-cost performance. For example, when selecting a filter bag, you first have to consider the function and features.

When the function and features are complete, check the average price of this filter bag. Within which range it is normal to swim, and then combine the price to go. Choose a more suitable filter bag, so that the price of the purchased filter bag is relatively high.

In short, before purchasing a bag filter, it is necessary to understand the filter’s needs, special circumstances, and cost-effectiveness, which will make it easier for you to choose a bag filter if you have any inquiries concerning air filtration, you can likewise ask us, we will give you an itemized filtration and cleansing arrangement.

This will help you understand which bags will give you the best quality, efficiency, and performance for your application. following key factors:

• Temperature – do your bag need to withstand extraordinary temperatures? 

• Product – what are your product filtering? 

• Chemistry – following key factors the substance make up of the residue particles? 

• Resistance-is the channel media ready to oppose the mileage of the residue? 

• Particles – what is the size of the residue particles that are being separated? 

• Current channel media – What is right now being utilized in your gatherer today?

Hope next time when you visit a Cotton filter Paper/ bag manufacture place you purchase the best alternatives.

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