Francisco Cortes: Life, Career, and Achievements

Francisco Cortes

Francisco is an experienced media professional with over 20 years of experience in the television community, Advertising and Marketing, Photography, Film Production, Image Design, Networking and Multicultural Public Relations, Leadership, Speaker / Speaker, Ambassador global, recruiting, business development, community engagement, crisis management where news and information attracts and informs the public. 

In virtual media, Francisco Cortes has led key innovation and programming roles that have contributed to the great success and countless accomplishments of many leading news channels. Francisco continues to lead groups of award-winning journalists throughout his professional career. He is responsible for the key development and growth of partnerships; it includes improving new activities and recruiting skills.

Fox News Group Former Vice President Francisco Cortes co-founded the Setroc Group in 2017, based in New Brunswick, NJ. As CEO and President of the Setroc Group, award-winning multicultural marketing, and public relations agency specializing in creative solutions, the Setroc Group has worked with leading global media companies such as the U.S Army, U.S Veterans Affairs, NJ DMV, NJ Attorney General, NJ Judiciary, NYS Office of People with Developmental Disabilities, BMW North America, RWJBarnabas Health and many more. Check Francisco Cortes Fox News journey.

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Milestones Touched:-

  • From script to screen and everything in between “The Setroc Group, Inc. and broadcast networks for companies like the U.S Army, U.S Veterans Affairs, NJ DMV, NJ Attorney General, NJ Judiciary, NYS Office of People with Developmental Disabilities, BMW North America, RWJBarnabas Health and many more The Setroc group is a group that is specialized in public relations, marketing, multicultural communications, advertising, and video production. 
  • Setroc became the first Service Disabled Veteran Owned Marketing firm to receive a Multi-year contract award with the State of NJ for Advertising and Marketing services. 
  • Setroc was awarded the prestigious W3 award for web development.
  •  He is selected by ROI as influencers in ROI: People of Color 2020/2021. One of the state’s most powerful leaders is the co-founder of a premier advertising and marketing company plan that is gaining popularity.
  •  He is also a media influencer nominated by the very famous and respected MY LifeStyle Magazine.

Society welfare services:- 

  • Appointed by Governor Murphy to the Restart and Recovery COVID-19 council and the Climate Change and Green Energy Council.
  • Francisco is also a proud National Army soldier and National Guard veteran. Francisco takes great pleasure in giving back to the nation and society. He also believes in mentoring. He wants to develop his skills and experience with young people who want to succeed in their work. He has toured the United States and many different countries.
  • He has been a lively speaker at national and international conferences and universities on various topics. 

Important positions that he holds: 

  • Francisco works extensively with executives and companies on diversity and inclusion and has led many successful social programs. 
  • He is the executive director of the International Media Congress, a group that works closely with the United Nations. 
  • He is also a member of the Corporate Advisory Committee of the State Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (New Jersey), which represents nearly 119,000 Spanish companies that contribute more than $ 20 billion to the state’s economy.

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