Creative and Successful Custom Food Packaging Tips From Professionals

Custom Food Packaging

Whether you are running a retailer store or a bakery, your food packaging boxes’ design is an essential part of your branding. The design of your packaging will not only strengthen your recognition, but will also help you in making an exciting and loyal customer base, and make them wonder about the edibles you are selling inside them. 

Put it simply, baking a great food product is surely crucial — however, if you want your food to connect with consumers, you need to have a great packaging design. 

So, what can you do to make a great packaging design? We at Dodo Packaging UK are one of the top custom packaging designers in the United Kingdom. Here in this post, we will go through some of our most successful food packaging tips. Once you completely understand these tips, you will create a comprehensive, clear, and brief packaging design that will help you communicate your idea through custom food packaging

Branding is Always first

When you create a product you are excited about, some of you might be tempted to dive right into the process of packaging design. However, there is an essential step that you need to consider the design that is the branding. 

Stable branding is crucial to create any food packaging design. Before you get on with the packaging design of any product, you should define your brand’s overall aesthetic and style. While you are on it, think of critical elements representing your brand, including your logo, tagline, and theme. 

Also, ensure that you already have your logo and label style designed before thinking about your designing.

Think about unboxing 

If you want your customer to remember your brand through packaging, you need to have more than just a pretty box— be it more like an experience. 

Have you ever heard the famous saying “the first impression is the last impression”? If so, you have to ensure that you make an impressive first impression. 

While creating a design brief, brainstorm ideas through you can make an opening statement through a box. Ask yourself, how can you anticipate your buyers as they open your food packaging? Make their unboxing experience quick, fun, and luxurious. Add small touches to elevate your custom food boxes. For example, surprise your buyers with little treats of custom forks as they open up ready to cook noodles.  

Usability is pivotal

Of course, it is essential for your food packaging to be well-designed. However, it doesn’t matter how excellent your custom printed food packaging design or branding is—if your packaging doesn’t have aspects of usability and functionality, it’s going to fall through your consumers.

Consider the box’s usage and be sure to cover the details of its purpose and use in brief to your packaging.

While putting your design brief together, it’s necessary to not only communicate your design vision for your food packaging but how your packaging should function.

Combine Contrasting Design

Your packaging should grab your ideal consumers’ attention; for that, it needs to be visually impactful. One of the best ways to create that impression, your packaging should stand out among competitors and grab your ideal customers’ attention with the help of combining unexpected design elements.

Packaging Design

Many food packaging appears to follow the same rule book, which is why you come across different products in a particular category with similar or often identical packaging. However, by including unexpected or contradictory elements in your food packaging design—like a stunning colour palette and eye-catching font orders, you can differentiate yourself from your more nonexclusive competitors and truly stand out to your consumers. 

Give freedom to your designers. 

You presumably have a vision of what you want from your custom food boxes. So, while you want to communicate that vision in your design brief, you will be hiring the designer for their talent and expertise—so it’s also essential to give your employees a choice to create something unimaginable and out of the box.

Avoid micromanaging the process. Give your designer the core elements of what you want from your packaging design. Also, give them the space to bring it to live their way.  However, If you can provide the core details of what you need in your summary, and allow your designer to add something, you’ll give them the freedom to create something that stands out.

Make A Relevant Food Packaging

Consider looking at new packaging to keep up with the changing times. Even if you’ve got an astonishing packaging strategy in place, it won’t last always. You need to have a pulse on your consumers’ interests and figure out how to improve your packaging. If the consumers’ demand has undergone subtle changes, you can try and play up the background features.

Never Undervalue the Importance of Quality

Make use of the finest materials that you can afford within your resources. The way your packaging feels and looks will go a long way in shaping their purchase designs. For many customers, the outside is contemplative of the quality inside, and you would do well to remember this fact when packaging your food products. 

Here at Dodo Packaging, we have some of the finest eco-friendly materials perfect for packaging edible items and are extensively affordable. 

Make an Impact on the Shelf

Customers never get to see a product alone. It’s always arranged in rows and shelves with the same or other food products of the same group. So, they view the patterns made from different products, and it is this design prompts them to take a closer look at a particular product. When placed on a shelf, this attraction and distinctiveness of a specific outcome are also called shelf impact, and it is an essential factor for product sales. This is one avenue that you should be tested and explore in your packaging. If done well, the results will be astounding.

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Bottom Line

Businesses never had an easy time with packaging design. The best ones have found the perfect blend of sales production and originality. The rules we mentioned above will surely convince consumers to purchase your product.

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