Best Tips To Write a Medical School Personal Statement

Be certain to value the invisible strength of the medical school personal statement. Why? It is a golden way to win the hearts of the admission committee. To throw a strong impression on the interviewers ensure to get a valuable personal statement. 

The way of writing your personal statement makes a big difference. With your interview performance, 60 percent of admission chances are based on the best medical school personal statement. Every medical school is looking for an intellectual and empathetic candidate to join them. These two skills are essential for practicing medicine.  

Here, you’ll read about how to write a compelling personal statement. Let’s begin!

Also Learn About Personal Statement Topics

In Canada, medical schools start with the application process containing broad topics to analyze the skill and overall capability of the applicant. In many countries, candidates need to submit an essay with a secondary application. 

Topics that you should go for:

  • Any experience that changed your perspective about medicine.
  • What should be a relationship with a mentor? 
  • Personal challenges or hardships when preparing for a test.
  • The main motivation behind the career.

These are some interesting topics that you can proceed with. However, make sure that your essay topic complements your whole application. 

Tips to Write Powerful Personal Statement 

➤Give Time to Practice 

Practice is the key to learning and success. Many candidates are practicing in advance to write a compelling personal statement. The more you will write, the more you will lead to perfection. Involve yourself in medical school personal statement editing services programs to know how to write an impressive personal statement.

➤Don’t Deviate from Determination

No path is easy to grab. You need to face hurdles to achieve the objective. Similarly, choosing medicine as your career should be your passion. Writing a stand-out med personal statement needs your focus and determination. 

➤ Be Real

Writing a unique personal statement doesn’t mean sharing others’ experiences or imaginary things. The admission committee is smart to put candidates in a trap with their questions. So, write the relevant and your real experience. Share your skills that you have learned from your mentor or volunteer programs. 

➤Your Voice

It’s not strange that some candidates may go through similar kinds of skills, scores, and experiences. However, this could be monotonous for the admission committee to listen to the same stories. As mentioned above, you need to be real and distinctive. Add your personal opinions that can make your personal statement strong.  

 ➤Show, Don’t Tell

Only speaking about qualities cannot differentiate you from other candidates. You really need to work hard to show such qualities. Your personal statement should contain stories that prove your qualities. 

➤Follow the Right Structure

The first paragraph should be interesting so that it catches the reader’s attention. The next 3- 4 paragraphs should be about your capabilities, learned skills, scores, and experience. Keep one paragraph for your volunteer activity or the story that influences your career. The last paragraph should highlight your exceptional qualities, which you have probably mentioned above. But repeating two or three will emphasize your capabilities. Therefore, making your admission chances high. 

Seek the medical school personal statement help to write in the correct manner.

➤Be Attentive

Every med school might have different criteria for writing a personal statement. Read the guidelines before writing. No matter how much you have contributed to the writing, it will go in vain if you do not stick to the writing rules. 


The personal statement is a great opportunity to get admissions. These are some tips above that can help you in effective writing. So, follow them to make your writing faultless. 

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