Best Apps for Automating Business Process

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Business Automation has changed the way of managing businesses, it has transformed both the decision making and the opportunity to do more with less resources in hand and grow in a way that would’ve never been possible before. Even a small business with the right automation tool can gain an upper hand against their competitors and also be able to react to new trends and match their supply as per the demand.

Enhanced employee productivity

Automation grants you the ability to do more at less time. With automation, employees can focus on working on an important task rather than wasting time on trivial matters. Activity like maintaining a backup of files, keeping track of the financial record and keeping feedback reports is not only time consuming but also expensive in the long run and it will increase the difficulties in scaling up the business. 

In this article, we will talk about some software solutions that businesses can use to automate their tasks and improve employee productivity.

For Team communication

Communication is the key for staying productive in the long run.   


Slack is one of the most popular and tech industry’s favourite communication software. The software comes with many features like real-time communication and collaboration. This software can replace your company email, text messaging for your employees, users on slack can share files with each other. Slack also has the ability to integrate with your essentials apps like Hubspot, Trello etc.


Calendly is another simple automation tool for scheduling appointments and events in your calendar. With this app, you have easily assessed all your employees, teams calendars to check their available bandwidth and you can send your availability through the app even to people not using the app. 

Project management solution

It is difficult to manage employees in a large organisation and due to COVID where all your employees are working in a remote environment it becomes more challenging for team collaboration and coordinating with each other. Here are some project management tools for your organisation:


Asana is a SaaS-based project management tool that makes it easy to create tasks and manage projects to improve team collaboration and work management. Teams can create projects, assign works, fix a deadline and communicate using the app.


Trello is one of the most easy to use project management tools. It organises projects in an easy and flexible way, helping employees in keeping a track of all their movements and progress of the tasks.


This project management software originally used by software developers for tracking issues and bugs, now it can be used as a work management tool for all types of use cases. It allows managers to plan and keep a track on new releases and raise a request for any bugs in the system.

Human Resource Software


Darwinbox is a cloud-based HRMS platform designed to streamline all the critical human resources processes in one single platform. This app gives you the ability to manage, engage and nurture your talent employees with its performance management system. This app also takes care of your employee attendance, recruitment, payroll process etc.


Bioknox is also a cloud-based  HR & Payroll Management Software for medium and large businesses. It is built with all basic features required by organizations and it will be customized to suit specific organizational needs. This app provides services like recruitment, attendance and employee self-service.

For customer relationship management (CRM)

Building and maintaining a relationship with the customer is critical to the success of the organisation? Here is a list of software that you can use.

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is a popular online customer relationship management software that helps you manage your sales and marketing team in a single system and also engage with your customers on different platforms and emails.


This app helps businesses in managing and tracking all the inbound customer communications easily with its support ticketing system designed to track, support and prioritize customer support interactions. Organisation can also integrate zendesk with their website.

For managing finances

You can manage your customer and make them happy with the above app but the organisation should focus on maintaining their books of accounts, for these, we have apps like


FreshBooks offers features like invoicing, accounts payable, expense tracking, time tracking, retainers, double-entry accounting, and fits better for sole proprietor form of business and consultants.

For social media management

Having a social presence is the key to driving traffic to your website and increasing brand visibility in the market. And having an online presence with lots of followers in a piece of cake. So, here are some that could help you out:


Is the most popular social media automation tool in the market. Hootsuite allows you to manage, control and track the performance across all your social media platforms.

99 Dollar Social

99 Dollar Social automates your social media posting and allows you to get back to running your business. It also helps in creating fresh content specific to your business and also shares your content on Facebook and Twitter each day of the week. 


This app is designed to help you automate your social media channels. It helps you save time by generating company-specific content and engaging with target customers.

For business operations

Maintaining a track of day to day business operation is not an easy task, here are tools that can help automate this task for you.


This cloud-based app is built to display all the business metrics on a real-time basis. Geckoboard allows the business to configure their setting based on the team and company needs and helps share business data with employees using a business dashboard. When the business is more transparent and lets employees know what they are doing it increases the overall productivity of the organisation.


Zapier is an automation platform that every business can use to create automated action across different apps and software that is used by the business. It actually works by combining two apps in one single workflow that perform a certain task whenever any user fulfils specific criteria.


Automation tools are no doubt one of the best management tools created to help free productive time and enable organisation focus on the important task, it reduces the risk of failure and also enhances the transparency and communication process within the organisation. Do comment on what’s your favourite tool in the comment section below.

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